3 Famous Singers Who Lost Massive Weight

A lot of people admire how popular singers look. Most of the singers have perfect body shapes which many would die to have. There is an assumption that some of the ‘hottest’ musicians were born like that. This is false because a good number of them have gone through a lot so as to get their bodies in good shape.

Some of the famous singers who have lost lots of weight include Jennifer Hudson, Melissa Joan Hart, and Mariah Carey. Read on to know what they did to lose weight.

  1. Jennifer Hudson


Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss journey continues to amaze many. You can be mistaken by thinking that Jennifer dedicated all her time in the gym, and this could be because of the drastic changes in her body. The 35-year-old singer attributes her weight loss to the Weight Watchers diet. She managed to shed off 80 pounds transforming her body from size 16 to 6. Yes, this was achieved without doing vigorous exercises as many would have thought. Jennifer linked up with Weight Watchers in the year 2010 just after giving birth.

Rather than focusing on burning the calories, Jen focused her energy on monitoring what she was eating. Since going through a successful weight loss journey, she has never shied away from inspiring her legion of fans. She confesses that she feared there was no time to hit the gym and that’s why watching what she ate became the best option. Though she insists that she is not in a weight loss program anymore, people still speculate that the singer is still dieting.

  1. Melissa Joan Hart


Melissa Joan Hart is 40 years old, but it will take great effort to realize this thanks to her perfect body shape. Melissa Joan went through a serious weight loss journey that helped her to shed off 40Ib. Her success in this challenging journey was attributed to Nutrisystem—a company known for its low-priced weight loss meal delivery plan. Since she lost weight, the singer has been flooding the social media with photos of her in swimsuits. The 40-year old mother admits that weight loss has made her more confident than before.

In addition to Nutrisystem, Melissa also thinks that her successful weight loss is as a result of regular exercises which she does at home with the help of her husband.

  1. Mariah Carey


Months before walking down the aisle, Mariah Carey was on an important mission; to shake off her weight. Her goal was to lose at least 20 pounds in a period of fewer than 3 months. The most incredible part of it is that she was able to accomplish this goal. How did she manage to do this? Sources close to her claim that she became strict on a protein diet. Mariah stuck to eating chicken, beef, chili beans, and fish. Occasionally, she would incorporate beef and turkey into her diet.

It is also believed that Mariah Carey managed to shed off 30Ibs by reducing her food portion. For instance, she used to skip breakfast and eat a protein shake at noon. On several occasions, the mother of fraternal twins has claimed to be against dieting. Maybe the upcoming wedding forced her to break this rule.

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