Upcoming Artist iBust Talks About his Ambitions and Love for Music

We recently had conversation with upcoming Canadian artist known by the artist name iBust. He looks so much ambitious about his music career and shown so much love for the music.


Twist Online : First Tell us a little about your past and your entrance into music industry?

iBust : I’m new into this! I dropped my first album Cable & Fast Food under the name iBust couple months ago (last October) Been working on a lot of projects recently from collabs to solo.


Twist Online : Tell us about Your Album Cable & Fast Food?

iBust : This album means a lot to me. The album got 14 tracks and all of them are pretty different.First of all I love to explore and trying to never fit into any category, and this was my first attempt! A lot of different flows/vibes/beats inside the album, even though it has a certain continuity in the subject matter.

Twist Online : what’s type of music you like ?

iBust : Any kind of music! Anything creative! Of course Hip Hop will always be my favorite style of music but even then, Hip Hop is about combining different types of music together and come up with something new.


Twist Online : Is there any inspiration behind you? Who inspires you in Music Industry?

iBust : I’ll say MF DOOM, Viktor Vaughn, King Geedorah, DangerDoom, JJ DOOM… also Madlib, Quasimoto, Beat Konducta, The LoopDigga…

Haha yes DOOM & Madlib are definitely my two biggest inspirations! For real I really dig a lot of stuff from the old school, Eminem when he was still into his crazy Slim Shady persona (even a lot of his new stuff is dope!) But for real my music came out naturally from listening to Del, Canibus, Grand Puba, KRS-One, Rass Kass, Binary Star, O.G.C.(all the Bootcamp Click)(RIP Sean P) Redman, Scott Lark Da Sensi, Busta Rhymes, A Tribe Called Quest(RIP Phife), JDilla(RIP), Nujabes(RIP) and the list goes on…


Twist Online : Do you set goals for yourself and how do you do that?

iBust : Having fun, creating songs that makes people travel mentally and most important staying true to myself. Maybe a tour this summer.


Twist Online : Tell us about your songs ?

iBust : Most songs on the album speaks for themselves, there is no “big deal” about it, like theres not 10 ways to get what I wanted to say.It’s pretty simple to understand it but still it’s about subjects that matters to me and I really felt like I needed to talk about them.


Twist Online : What style of singing you like? Hip-hop, rock, pop?

iBust : I like mixing styles so having any kind of voices/samples from Classical to Rock or from Funk to Pop is OK with me haha!


Twist Online : What is the motivation behind your work?

iBust : First of all, I’m a fan of the Hip Hop culture. That is where I get my motivation, from a hole culture that broke any boundaries from Race, Religion, or anything that is trying to divide us as human being.


Twist Online : When we will be able to see your next release ?

iBust : It’s coming! I got a new album almost ready and maybe I’ll release a single or something in a few days! But I’m recording for this month so I stay inside working.


Twist Online : Your fans will like to follow you. How can they?

iBust : On YouTube well I try to put all my songs and full albums on there, on Facebook they can find me or Twitter or whatever, let them do a little diggin’ 😉

But my last album is available for sell at all online stores (iTunes, GooglePlay, Bandcamp, Amazon) and streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music,…)

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