5 Tips to Organise a Musical Party

Hosting a party at home can be a delightful experience. But as a host, you will have to deal with a lot of work to make the party a success. Plus, if you lack space in your apartment, it can be quite tough to arrange a party there. That is why a café or a restaurant can be a great alternative venue to host your party. You will be left with much less work to handle and no cleaning up after the bash gets over. But there are a few things you need to decide in advance to make sure that everything goes off smoothly. Consider the following 5 tips to host a musical party.


Make a plan

Start planning your party a few days in advance. Decide how you want to host it. You can either make it a simple event or turn it into an elaborate affair. In other words, you can simply reserve a table for your guests or hire a private room and get it decorated for the event. Also, you need to decide the number of guests and the timing of the party. Once you finalize these basic details, you can go ahead planning the other things.


Select the venue

Search for a venue that matches your requirements. For instance, if you wish to host your party in a private room, search for cafes or restaurants with private rooms. If you want to enjoy live music during the party, look out for venues offering the same, such as the live music at 37 Main. Narrow down your choices and then visit the venues to get a feel of the place. Finally, select the one that fits your needs and your purse.


Discuss the details

It is important to discuss the details before you book the venue. Meet the restaurant or café coordinator and share your plans about the party. If you have any special request, discuss them at this stage. For instance, can you bring in a cake from outside? Are you allowed to do the decorations yourself? If you want flowers and candles on the tables, will they provide them? Proceed with the booking after considering all such details.


Curate the menu

Decide whether you want to go ahead with a pre-set menu or stick with the normal menu of the venue. For a large gathering, it is a good idea to plan a pre-set menu. It helps to expedite the ordering process and can be cost-effective as well. For a small group, you can opt for the regular menu of the restaurant or the café.


Think about the drinks

Spend a moment to think about the drinks. If you plan to include drinks in your party, do you plan to limit the number of cocktails your guests can order? Are you keen to include just wine and beer? Will you need an extra bartender to serve your guests? Decide on these aspects and then share the necessary information with your guests to avoid any confusion during the party.

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