A candid chat with rapper Sharpey

Jason Pearce aka Sharpey is a British rapper about to take the industry by storm, fresh from his debut album he recently made the headlines for splashing out a five figure sum on a brand new Mercedes, we pulled him for a quick chat!

Sharpey, what’s on the cards for 2017?
In 2017 I have lots of shows coming up all over the UK were I will be touring the U.K. and showing people what real rap is all about !!!! I have done many new songs with artists you will already have heard of however for many reasons I can’t disclose that information right now, just watch this space and keep locked in through my social media

What are your thoughts on the current UK indie rap/hip-hop scene?
Look rappers today have changed from way back in the day it’s all different now! It’s about entertainment and gang banging !!!! There are very few rappers of today’s world who I think yeahh there cool ! I guess each to their own!

There is so much negativity surrounding rappers, how do you deal with it?
I simple close my eyes and shut my ears to the stuff I don’t want to hear it’s quite simple really, when I am in my car driving you will rarely see me with the radio on ! I enjoy my peace and quiet times!

Talk us through your upcoming single with Lady Ice?
Lady Ice! She’s amazing!! Lady ice is down to earth and keeps it 100% this new song coming out is going to be nothing but pure fire coming from Manny to London !!!! Video coming soon too and many more things in the pipe line , Lady Ice is a very good talented woman who carries herself well big up Manchester and her representations towards it !

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