A Conversation with a highly talented artist AlongCameLife

We are sharing our conversation with a multi talented artist AlongCameLife. Apart from an extremely melodious signer he is an exceptional Violin player as well.

Twist Online : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers?
AlongCameLife : My name is AlongCameLife. My friends and family would call me life and say a party is not a party without Life.

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to get into this music?
AlongCameLife : I always had a love for music and the dramatic arts, however, when I was in the 3rd Grade my elementary school had a required program where we had to learn the violin.

Twist Online : What’s the story behind ‘The Jimi Hendrix of the violin’ ?
AlongCameLife : I was performing in Harrisburg NY and the local News Channel watched my performance where I do a pirouette while playing the Violin and always stay on beat. They were really moved and said they had not seen anything as electrifying since Jimi Hendrix. This has happened often when I perform and I am honored to be compared to a great spirit like Jimi.

Twist Online : Tell us about your recently released projects?
AlongCameLife : ICON is my first solo instrumental album starring sasha my violin and WAVEES IS my second Dark Pop ALBUM to make one feel again in this Tech world we live in.

Twist Online : You write your own songs only or you write for other artists as well?
AlongCameLife : I have thousands of songs in my catalogue of which the world has access to through my social media such as Hulkshare and SoundCloud. I hear my melody driven music from 5 years ago in a lot of modern artists including Adam Levine, Taylor Swift, Drake. Whilst I would like these Artist to acknowledge where they got their idea’s from, I am content to know that the “copycat” way that they have used my melodies is a still a form of appreciation because my music is good so they try to emulate it. I would love to get paid for Artist using my work but I don’t Twist Online God’s plan.

Twist Online : Do you need any certain environment or inspiration for songwriting?
AlongCameLife : Music is in me and is how I express myself daily. I like to have the lights off wherever I record. The only light should be moonlight. A California joint and smooth dark chocolate and I can sing/rap/play an instrument for hours.

Twist Online : What’s your favorite music genre?
AlongCameLife : I would have to say Dark Pop this is a self created genre.

Twist Online : You won Two EMMY Awards, What’s your next target to achieve?
AlongCameLife : GRAMMY’s

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