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A Conversation With A Hip-Hop Artist Caro Rives

Today on our Hot Seat we have a hip hop vibe artist from Columbia, SC. He has recently released his new Album “New Levels”. So lets have a chat with him.

Twist Online : Tell our readers briefly about start of your career?
Caro Rives : I’ve always had a feel for music at first I dabbled in different genres, but I really started making music as a passion when I was about 14. I’ve always engineered my own material. Eventually after years of hard work I’ve made it to the level where I’m starting to make a small entrance into the industry.  It’s a work in process but me and my team are motivated.

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you as an artist growing up?
Caro Rives : Machine Gun Kelly was a big inspiration for me. I’ve always had a rebellious kick and at a younger age he fueled that.
I enjoy a variety of music though and bring inspiration from everywhere. Anything from Vince Staples to The Weekend.

Twist Online : You recently released your Album “New Levels”. Tell us more about that.
Caro Rives : New Levels was a new beginning for me. I rebranded myself as an artist and really got to put out the project I wanted to make. Everything from the beats to the mastering Is me. Every song is a reflection of something that was on my mind. It’s my vision through music.

Twist Online : You produced this album yourself. Wasn’t it hard to manage it all yourself?
Caro Rives : Making any full length quality project is a process. There’s no way around that, but I feel like this is exactly how the album needed to be created. I feel like that’s what makes it what it is.So after everything it was a long year but I’m thankful that me and my team put in the work that we did. We’re happy with the outcome and it seems like people are responding well to the album.

Twist Online : All the 14 songs are very nice. But any particular song you would call “must hear”?
Caro Rives : This album has something for everybody, really. But personally, I like the song “Believe You” Or “How I Felt” Just because I always like to hear something that’s going to bring out a upbeat energy for myself and those around me.

Twist Online : You have also started performing live. How was the experience of your recent tour?
Caro Rives : The Summer Daze Tour was a huge step in the development of my career and I’m blessed to have been a part of that.  I love performing. I have so much energy and people fucking love it. We get wild, it’s a must.  We’re actually organizing the New Levels Tour at this time that will come later in the year, it will cover the east coast and some of the mid west. I’m ready for that

Twist Online : What did you enjoy more, performing live or working in studios on your Album
Caro Rives : Both had their moments. I love performing because of the energy and the lifestyle. I like wild shit.  But I also enjoyed working on the album pouring my soul into a song at 3AM In my studio, creating something.  So I love both but performing is always a great experience

Twist Online : Any particular reasons behind choosing to be a hip hop artist? Why not any other music genre?
Caro Rives : I actually started out playing a guitar. I like rock music. But as I grew older, I started listening to Eminem.  And the passion I heard from him and these other hip hop artists and something that I felt like I had, so I just felt like it was meant for me to do this genre of music. I actually consider myself a vibe artist though, because I throw different elements from different genres in the mix when I create music.

Twist Online : What are your future goals as an artist?
Caro Rives : I’m Performing In Cleveland on August 27th at Summer Jam. That will be my first areana show, so we’re ready for that. My Goal as an artist is to keep evolving like I have been and keep the momentum up. I see myself and my team achieving industry success in the next 3 years. I’m almost certain of it, because we’re working. Hard. But nothing is ever set in stone.

Twist Online : Are you on Social Media? Your fans would love to follow you.
Caro Rives : You can find any information about me from Tour dates, To new music/videos and even a FREE DOWNLOAD of my new album “New Levels”
All my social media is on my website but you can find me @CaroRives803 on Instagram & Twitter. “Caro Rives” on facebook.

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