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A Conversation With A Rising R&B Artist Joella Deville

New Jersey native and rising R&B artist Joella Deville is only just beginning with her latest single, “Ease The Pain.” The track kicks off with a strong house beat and is layered with Joella’s soft R&B vocals for a great blend of pop and soul. From making waves performing from SOBs in NYC to House of Blues in Hollywood, Joella is creating music her own way.

We spoke with Joella about the importance of trusting your vision and what to expect in her upcoming project Just A Sip, and the music scene from NJ to LA:

Twist Online: What is the music scene like in NJ in comparison to LA?

Joella: I think the music scene is Jersey is changing as we speak. Artists have always been grinding in Jersey, but being so close to NY physically and by influence, we kind of get lost in the shuffle, as far as identity. However, thanks to artists like Fetty Wap, there are lots of people who are trying to shine a light on NJ artists who have been hustling and grinding for years, and I’m glad we’re finally getting our just due shine. LA has a more diverse group of artists and musicians because people, such as myself, come from all over to find new opportunities. So it makes it easier to network and grow as an artist because of these opportunities that are more readily out here. But the hometown feel is something I definitely miss from Jersey. It’s authentic.

Twist Online: Tell us about your new song “Ease The Pain”. What is it about and what do you want listeners to take from it?

Joella: It’s funny you ask this because at this stage, it’s open to interpretation. A fan recently sent me an email stating that she had been listening to the single on Apple Music and that it’s been helping her through a break up. I was enamored. When I wrote the record, it was all about self-reflection, and facing a reality that I wasn’t yet ready to face but aware of. It was about me being truthful about how I felt inside and how I was choosing to cope with it. But I’m all for my listeners interpreting it in a way that resonates with them. My songs tell a story, but the story depends on the listener and what they are coming to the table with. And I love it.

Twist Online: Your new EP Just A Sip is coming soon. What are you most proud of about this project?

Joella: What I most love is that I really took a chance with this project in every way possible. From it’s content, to it’s structure, to it’s presentation. It’s a four song EP (usually you would want to do about six) but I really just wanted to give my listeners a sip of what I love. Something fun for the summer, but something that could show off what I can do, while leaving room for them to want more. I’m one of those artists who prefers to give a little and have people wanting more, than a lot and have them feeling like it’s too much. This is my first project in three years and it was really fun for me because it has four types of music I like to hear at summer parties, House/EDM, Soul, R&B, and Hiphop. So it shows different sides of me as an artist.

Twist Online: What’s your advice for artist looking to break in the industry?

Joella: My advice is to really decide if you want to be in the industry or if you want to do it as a hobby. Because if you truly want to be in this industry, unfortunately, you have to think more as a business than anything, and you have to be mentally equipped for the downs that come along with the process. People don’t really get to see the hard work behind the scenes, money, and time that allow for our successes and think all you need to be able to do is sing, but that’s far from the truth. So think of yourself as a business and invest in yourself, emotionally, physically, and financially. Above all, believe in you. If you can’t see and articulate your vision, you will be hard pressed to find someone else who can or will want to.

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