A Conversation With A Talented Artist “False Flag”

We recently interviewed a very talented artist from Israel “False Flag”. That’s our conversation with him.

Twist Online : First Tell us a little about the starting of your music career.
False Flag: I started my music career in the age of 17 when i founded my rap group ,when we started to look for some fresh beats and didn’t had any money to but them i started to make on my own .then weren’t any good but yet i have discover that this is what i love in the music

Twist Online : How much effect 14 years of experience has brought in your music
False Flag : A lot ,I’m learning new things every day I’m always searching for the next hook or the next mixing magic to use

Twist Online : You recently released your first album out and your first original live dj set. do tell us more about that?
False Flag: The first album is really unique for me cuz I didn’t play psy trance music ,i come house music and hip hop when i met my a friend “hairbass ” aka yossi abergil he opened my eyes and ears for the new trance genre
And the first dj set was a high hit with over 100k plays

Twist Online : Are you inspired of someone in music industry?
False Flag : I think that the most inspired producer i hear is dr dre skazi and infected mushroom

Twist Online : What’s your music genre? any particular reason?
False Flag : I’m doing now psy trance but I cant say that’s my only genre I’m planing to do all kind of music that inspire me

Twist Online : Do you write you own songs?
False Flag : Yep

Twist Online : What’s your goal in life you want to achieve next?
False Flag : To love from my music

Twist Online : Any new project you are working on? When it will be released?
False Flag : I have a second album that is about to be done with many cover songs

Twist Online : Are you on Social Media? Your fans would love to follow you.
False Flag : I’m on Facebook and Soundcloud as false flag psy trance

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