A conversation with a versatile musician “Cirex”

We recently interview “Cirex”. Cirex is a Puerto Rican solo project that combines metal with dubstep and industrial influences, embedded with guitars, created by Eric Ortz.

And that’s our conversation with this talented artist.

Twist Online : What inspired you to get into music industry?
Cirex : The Music itself. When my friends were playing basketball when I was a kid, I was practicing guitar.
When I was 18 years old I enter to a professional studio for the first time, it change the whole panorama, since then I have been active in te Industry.

Twist Online : You have a uniqueness in you music composition. How is it?
Cirex : Well, part of my secret, but I use about 4 softwares and enough time to get a song the way I like it.

Twist Online : Tell us about your recent projects.
Cirex : I am just making songs randomly and releasing them every month, my latest album is Cosmology 2.1 (2015) I am working on another full length for 2017.

Twist Online : Your music has appeared on Horror Films. How was the experience?
Cirex : Is great. Also love the fact that has appeared on Europe, far away from America which make me proud.

Twist Online : Are you inspired of someone in music industry?
Cirex : A lot. Klayton (Celldweller) is a man who do all his music by himself, was my main inspiration back in 2009 when I started Cirex.

Twist Online : What’s your music genre? any particular reason?
Cirex : I can not label in one singular category, sometimes I go full Dubstep, sometimes Industrial.

Twist Online : You also composed music for radio?
Cirex : Yes and No. No in standard basic, but I helped a friend with th background music for his program on FM Radio (Rdio Vida 90.5 fm/ Puerto Rico)

Twist Online : What’s your goal in life you want to achieve next?
Cirex : I am looking for a fulll score for a movie, no just a single song, I mean compose the 90 minutes of it 🙂

Twist Online : Any new project you are working on? When it will be released?
Cirex : As I said, new album on 2017, maybe (I can’t pomise) take Cirex live for a few venues.

Twist Online : Are you on Social Media? Your fans would love to follow you.
Cirex : Sure. All with user name @cirexmusic

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