A Conversation with an up and coming artist Almighty Siles

Today on our Hot Seat we have an up and coming artist Almighty Siles. He has recently released “Sex Love and Drugz”. Lets have a chat with him about his life, music and this release in particular.

Twist Online : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers.
Almighty Siles : What’s going out there I’m Glendale Coleman Jr. known as the artist Almighty Siles! Raised in Belleglade,Florida now living in Orlando,Fl. I’m very blessed to be interviewed by you guys and thanks for having me.

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to get into music industry?
Almighty Siles : Music has always been my first love so I felt like me being a artist has always been my dream job I guess to do what I love.

Twist Online : Tell us about your recent project “Sex Love and Drugz”?
Almighty Siles : Well me and my homeboy Fratlife Sto came up with the idea to take a sample of a old school R&B from the 90s and kind of put a Twist to it so it was more of a against Club female ish type thing we really didn’t think that it will have any success but I guess it kind of grew on people with over 11k plays and still growing on Spotify right now and plays on other streamers.

Twist Online : What kind of response you have received from the release?
Almighty Siles : A lot of positive feedback actually a very good feeling to have so much good feedback from the release I actually performed it here locally in Orlando Florida where I’m living now and was asked to come back for another appearance.

Twist Online : What attracts you more, performing on stage or working in studios?
Almighty Siles : Well I can say it’s a mix of both I love being in the studio because it is like my own personal Island once I’m in the booth with the headphones on my ear and standing in front of the microphone it seems like nothing else matters. But being on stage is like a utorak feeling its something that have nervous at first but once you get started it’s like riding a bike so yeah like I can say it’s a mix of both for me.

Twist Online : What’s your favorite music genre?
Almighty Siles : Lol well I’m a open source I love all types of music but if I would have to choose I would say it would be reggae music just the love of the Sounds in the combinations of sounds.

Twist Online : Have you set some goals to achieve?
Almighty Siles : Yeah I have but I’m taking things one day at a time but I have a few new release coming but you can find me on Spotify at Almighty Siles.

Twist Online : Are you working on any new project?
Almighty Siles : Yeah I do I have a Ep that will be release soon that’s title Florida grown also I have my album that I’m about to release called defined and the collaboration mixtape of a bunch of my clothes Brothers and the State of Florida called Welcome to the graveyard vol 1.

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