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A Conversation With An Upcoming Artist

We recently had conversation with a very ambitious and skilled hip-hop artist from a small city outside of philly named Chester. The way he answered our questions he looks a promising upcoming singer and songwriter.

Twist Online : Please tell us about your start of Music Career?
Answer : I’ve been writing since 11 but haven’t taken it serious until my brother landed on a major tape.

Twist Online : Are you inspired on any one in the music industry?
Answer :  My inspiration comes from any artist bringing something new, I recently heard birdman made a song and did something with the respek memes and made a song and flipped it and made 25 milli off it .musically I’m inspired by Lenny kravitz and a tribee called quest ,famous Dex,trill Sammy,Earl sweatshirt anybody that brings something different

Twist Online : What is your next goal you want to acheive?
Answer : I want to get signed to a major label for publishing,and start getting paid gigs

Twist Online : Do you write songs too? What kind of poetry you love most?
Answer : I’m starting to write songs like r&b and pop.but it started with rap.I really love tupacs poetry I haven’t seen a more descriptive person in my generation.I haven’t written in a while.

Twist Online : Why did you chose Hip-hop and not any other music genre?
Answer : I chose hip hop because it’s a part of my culture and I wanted to just try it and I fell in love.

Twist Online : Tell us more about your songs?
Answer : I love my music personally,I’ve learned sometimes I need to stick to one concept in a song and be more descriptive

Twist Online : Are you a motivated kind of person?
Answer : yes! I love being a hard worker and seeing results.

Twist Online : Are You working on any project?
Answer : yes I’m currently working on a project,named who the fuck is giving me this tape I haven’t finished and I’m not sure of a release date

Twist Online : Are You active on social media? Where can anyone find you online?
Answer : yes, on Twitter search for bugsnodaffy same thing for fb .

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