A Conversation with Dan Guenther of Missing in Stars

Today for our interview section we have Dan Guenther of Missing in Stars with us for interview. Missing in STARS is a one man synthpop project, influenced from bands like Vnv Nation, Gary Numan and Covenant. Dan has just released a digital album called Echo Point.

Twist Online : You wrote and produced your debut album for MIS. Can you share your experiences and process with creating Echo Point?
Dan Guenther : I have been writing and producing music for many years with past bands like Blind Faith and Envy and current band Vein Collector but Missing in STARS is my baby.  I started writing music for this project with another vocalist in mind, at this point I wasn’t confident in myself to pull it off vocally and as time went on I had so many ideas that I decided to record vocals and it was a solo project from then on. It took me 3 years to write and produce this album and I am completely happy with it.  It was mastered at Audio Animals U.K.

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to get into music industry?
Dan Guenther : Originally as a teen I just wanted to play live which I did in several metal bands and that inspired me enough to keep going, nowadays my health keeps me from playing out live but I turned into a studio junkie and the equipment and software alone inspires me to keep writing, I love electronics and the way the whole studio setup runs together.  When I was a teen I looked up to bands like Metallica, Poison, Def Leppard, and others, they were the true rock stars and that is what I wanted to be, as time went on I scaled down a bit and once I got my first recording rig my thought process changed and now the studio is what inspires me.

Twist Online : Getting back to the album, tell us.. What does Echo Point mean? Did you create the album art and design?
Dan Guenther : The name “Echo Point” is a place I try to reach in my life, a sound that always replays and never stops, “Echo Point” is the end of that sound, the calmness in the mind, I am still trying to reach that place.  Yes I created the artwork and design, I am still in the process of creating a whole CD layout and it is coming out incredible!

Twist Online: You have recently joined newly founded Splendid Recordings. Given it’s concept and approach to artists, It seems to be a great fit for you and your talent. How did you get on with the label? How do you like being on Splendid Recordings?
Dan Guenther:  It is more of a collective than a label, I love the concept, Matt from Splendid helps me out all the time, every time I message him with an interest he gets back to me in record speed and just gets stuff done.  I have been on labels in the past with my previous bands and they did not have the passion Matt does. I am happy where I am at with Splendid and we will see where it takes us.

Twist Online : Echo Point seems to have received a very good response so far. Are you surprised by that? Can you tell us a bit more about how the album is being received in your opinion?
Dan Guenther :  I am very surprised, I have always been the dark horse in the electronic scene I think, I tend to get ignored even though I feel the albums I produce are good quality but I don’t work well in clicks and never have, I don’t kiss ass just to get places.  I am genuine and I am nice to the people who are nice to me, I don’t make waves but I will if I need to.  So the fact people are coming out on their own with real interest and love for the music makes me extremely happy.

Twist Online : Any particular reasons for the name ‘ Missing in stars? Tell us about where you came up with the name. Is there a concept to the name?
Dan Guenther : I have a syndrome called “Visual Snow” and it consists of 24/7 static in my visual field, as well it comes with many other awful symptoms.  I have always been trying to incorporate that into my music design and the name Missing in STARS seems to fit that just right.

Twist Online The lyrics from all 10 tracks are very relatable on many levels. Are these songs written from personal experiences, circumstances, observations, or all the above?
Dan Guenther:  I’m not conventional when it comes to writing lyrics, I can feel what every song is trying to convey and when it is time to put down some vocals I go up to the mic and start to sing, what comes out is what gets recorded.  To me it is the most honest way.  There are things I want to write about but I just don’t have it in me to write these things on paper.  In general it is all of the above.

Twist Online : What music genres are you inspired by?
Dan Guenther :  I don’t actually listen to much music anymore other than what I write but I am a huge metal fan as well as old electronic like Synthpop or old school industrial.

Twist Online : What is in the future for Missing in Stars? Tell us about your plans.
Dan Guenther : To get a CD out of the debut album “Echo Point”, I am taking a break from writing M.I.S. music for a couple months to tie up some old projects but then I plan to promote this album as much as I can.  I do plan on having a few singles with remixes as well this year so look out for those.


Thanks for the interview!

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