Sherif AbdelMeged

A Conversation With Egyptian Artist Sherif AbdelMeged

Today on our Hot seat we have Sherif AbdelMeged. He is an Egyptian Guitarist, Singer and Songwriter. He’s known for his Blues Guitar singing and electrifying Riffs. has collaborated with many musicians & bands and has supported big Scenes.

In spite of a short eight years career, he is widely considered one of the most Blues influential electric guitarists in Middle East, he also one of the most important figures in the revival of Blues in Egypt.

Let’s have conversation with him.

Twist Online : First Tell us a little about the starting of your music career.

Sherif AbdelMeged : I started many years ago as a regular player, playing at home then took my music to a whole different level and I started to search for bands to play out for few events and live performance. I had a great opportunity to play with many young talented musicians, doing shows around the middle east. Then i started to write my own songs and produce my first combination of Blues with Egyptian lyrics. So, I decided to involve myself more in the music field. At the beginning, family and friends supported me. and now I’m surrounded by many fans and lovers of my music who I care about the most as they accompany me on my music journey.

Twist Online : How much effect 8 years of experience has brought in your music?

Sherif AbdelMeged : Actually I grew up listening to all kind of music, eastern to western, instrumental classic to nowadays modern electronic music or what they call it EDM. But after all, the Blues is what makes my heart beating fast. I became addicted to many Blues, Rock, and Jazz artists.  Over years i trained myself to play that feeling and i finally found my resting tone.

Twist Online : You recently released your album “Insan Ghareb”. do tell us more about that?

Sherif AbdelMeged : Yea, the Album “Insan Ghareb” is an EP project i was working on, for the last five months. It’s kinda mix between the Egyptian Culture where i originally came from, and the Blues music.And I guess it’s the first experiment that will affect many producers to that kind of new blood. I hope all listeners will like the Album and give me their feedback to improve my future work.

Twist Online : Out of 5 tracks in the album which one is your favorite?

Sherif AbdelMeged : That’s a very good question and so hard the same time, I really like the song “Insan Ghareb” that’s why we named the Album after this song. but, the nearest one to my heart is “Awham” Because it’s touching the reality of situation in Egypt.

Twist Online : Are you inspired by someone in music industry?

Sherif AbdelMeged : I think every musician has to be inspired by others, that’s how you push your feel toward  one kind of music. in my case i got inspired by many Artists like Stevie ray Vaughan, Joe bonamassa, and Gary Clark Jr. and many more Egyptian bands.

Twist Online : You collaborated with many musicians & bands. What has been your best experience so far?

Sherif AbdelMeged : One of the best bands i played with, was “Bluestone” it was amazing experience and i learned so much being with them. we played many shows and event with an old Blues Vibe to our music.

Twist Online : You are one of those who are responsible for revival of Blues in Egypt. What inspired you to be a Blues influential electric guitarists?
Sherif AbdelMeged : That old Genre of music is no longer there. Despite the fact that Blues is the root of electric guitar. And I’ve been playing Blues since i got my hands on my fist electric guitar I bought. As I always say “Keep The Blues alive”

Twist Online : Are you on Social Media? Your fans would love to follow you.
Sherif AbdelMeged : Yes I spend good time on social media connecting with fans and lovers, they can find me on my Facebook page / SM3music
as well as Instagram/ Sherif AbdelMeged and here’s my Album link on iTunes

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