A conversation with ‘Harper’ about her life & music

We recently interviewed a multi-talented artist known by the name ‘Harper’. She is a  Producer, Singer , Dj & Songwriter who has her New Deep House EP  released on August 2016 with subliminal records.

Twist Online : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers?
Harper : Hello , my name is Lana, I am a Dj , Singer/Songwriter & Producer that based in NY, Ukrainian Born . Mostly known in a Tech House and Deep House scene as Harper since 2013

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to get into this profession?
Harper :  I wanted to sing and started to perform very young , as soon as I’ve started talking I made it clear to my parents that I will become a singer and later on at 10 yo I started singing on the stage in my hometown In Ukraine . By 12 yo I’ve developed a strong dream to move to United States and become a successful singer there . When I moved to United States I was about 19 yo and I started pursuing my dream , I’ve started djing 2,5 years ago and it helped me to develop myself as a producer . It was a really good decision for me looking back at that time .

Twist Online : How did the high and low track got in so many countries on the radio and Sirius Xm?
Harper : We got amazing response for the track High & Low , it was definitely the most popular on from the EP “Affair” . It got in the top charts and radio stations in USA, United Kindom, Australia, Ukraine , Russia and more…The Track got on Sirius Xm Radio, EP got on Beatport top 100 Tech House , Top 100 Traxsourse, was Number One at Trackitdown and KissFm Australia chart …This all happened in one month after release. The release was on a famous Subliminal record label and it was definitely the big push . I guess the love of people made this happen

Twist Online : What kind of response your latest track “Right” is receiving ?

Harper : My latest track Right also got featured in Beatport top 100 Tech House chart and numerous blogs , it does well in Spotify last time I looked 2 weeks ago was over 120k plays , armada supported it and couple big DJs-producers gave a great feedback about it as well , but u will find out who later on as I am creating new music for those guys .

Twist Online : Was it hard to become popular female Dj in deephouse-techno scene in United States ?
Harper : In the start people just didn’t want to accept me at all – showing me some ridiculous frames , trying to fit me in those , but I showed that I am very serious about music and will not let mess with me. The female Dj in deep house is not usual thing and they do have to go thru a lot especially younger girls … But if u have a passion you will get your way and nothing will be able to stop you . Working hard is what appreciated in This scene as the scene is very super competitive and if it seems to be easy from the first sight for you – look at it from the inside, I guarantee it is not what u think. And if someone doesn’t want to accept me or give me chances I turn around and create my own thing that will not need anyone’s acceptance , my own party’s , my own Label and my Music , I believe that is what makes me stronger and stand out from all of the crowd that I am able to take it in my hands and do probably good . I believe that if people r nice and letting u everywhere go – they don’t take u as a threat … that is why I didn’t give up and keep pushing .

Twist Online : What’s your favorite music genre?
Harper : Deep house and Tech House and some Experimental music are three of my favorites . I cannot imagine my life without music honestly


Twist Online : Are you working on any new project?
Harper : I am always working on new projects , they don’t take long to finish but the process with releases on the popular labels are very long so I launched my new Label “SEEN” this year . Keep an eye on it . I do have a ready EP that is going to be released next , it is made by me and Eskuche & Nu Sky . There’s also couple secret projects that I will keep as a surprise.

Twist Online : What would you advice to young Dj’s and Producers?

Harper: I want to tell to all of the people who is struggling by not doing what they love right now , please take a step be courageous and go ahead try , u might fall 6 times but u will get up and make it on the 7th , never put ur hands down because u might don’t believe in ur power , people might tell u do not to do it and even Harass you but it should not stop you , because if u won’t do what u love u will feel really unhappy . It will all worth it …one day .

Twist Online : What’s the best way to follow you online?
Harper : harperseen on Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud. On Twitter it’s nameHarper


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