A Conversation With Highly Talented Artist Dysphemic

Recently Dysphemic is embarking on a new musical journey with an all new live set combining his double time rapping over his signature Drum and Bass and Glitch Hop. After releasing 3 EP ’s within the first few months of 2016, a new album and a USA tour planned for 2017, this year for Dysphemic is looking huge!

So we contacted him to have a conversation with him about his recent and upcoming projects. Sharing it here with our readers.

Twist Online: First of all tell us about the start of your music career.
Dysphemic : My first experience in the music vortex was being a youngen playing drums in death metal and punk bands. My dream was to be the fastest double kick player in the world. I eventually got hijacked by Jungle and stopped playing drums all together and the rest is history.


Twist Online: Who or what inspired you to get into music industry?
Dysphemic :  My older brothers played in bands and I experienced that world from being very young. They were my hero’s as a young kid and inspired me to follow this path.


Twist Online: Tell us about your recent release?
Dysphemic :  I just dropped a single called ‘Druid Lizard’ through Texan label ‘Gravitas Recordings’.
It features my bro Yiani on guitar and is a fusion of mediterranean/world music and dubstep. Absolutely stoked to be able to drop innovative and different sounding dubstep and getting a huge response from it!
You can download it for free here:



Twist Online: You released three EP’s last year. What kind of response have they have received?
Dysphemic : So bloody good mate ha. ‘Anatoli” got the most exposure it’s is a middle eastern glitch-hop tune. This inspired the hell out of me and changed my direction to world music influenced electronica.


Twist Online: What’s up for this year? Any new projects?
Dysphemic : Just finished a full album of world bass music. It’s called Zeus and its middle eastern as f#ck.
It’s a concept album consisting of Drum and Bass, Glitch Hop, Dubstep and Trap heavily influenced by mediterranean and middle eastern music. I feel like it’s the best music I have made yet. I will be returning to the states later this year to drop these tunes.It’s going to be colossal.


Twist Online: What do you enjoy more performing on stage or working in studios?
Dysphemic : Damn, I really can’t decide on that one, I love both equally.


Twist Online: What’s your favorite music genre?
Dysphemic : What an evil question. Right now? Egyptian Hip Hop. Check out my homie ‘Shadow Elmasry’ from Egypt who I’m dropping some heat bangers with later this year.


Twist Online: Have you set some goals to achieve?
Dysphemic : Pushing this world music meets bass, it’s what my path is right now, going to go sit down right now. I need a large drink right now.

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