A Conversation With Highly Talented “Sha”

Sha is showing no signs of slowing down in today’s industry. Her purpose is to be the soundtrack of people’s lives.
“The Music Culture itself was embed in me at a early age.” “I was destined to make music for the people who always appreciate music from GOD”. Sha discovered her musical gift early on, and formed an early love for the art of gospel.

We recently interviewed Sha. Sharing it here with our readers.

Twist Online : First Tell us a little about the starting of your music career.
Sha : I’ve always loved poetry and rap. i decided two years ago to take it serious. All or nothing. Best decision I made for myself

Twist Online : What was inspiration behind joining the music industry?
Sha : It was always a passion of mine. To share a message to the world and allow for other to enjoy my creativeness on major platforms

Twist Online : We would like to know more about your recent release “En -EP by Sha Sha Muzik“?
Sha : “EN”  MEANS 1 (ONE) in creole.  IT SYMBOLIZES SO MUCH. I am Haitian so to label it in creole brings recognition and honor to my culture and family. Its my first recorded release.  Also represents that God is 1st in my life.

Twist Online : Out of 4 tracks in the album which one is your favorite?
Sha : HA-LAY-LU is my favorite.

Twist Online : Any particular reasons behind choosing Gospel/Hip hop as your music genre?
Sha : I choose it because it’s a true reflection of my lifestyle and what inspires me.

Twist Online : You have performed in so many shows. What’s your best performance so far according to you?
Sha : To have the opportunity to perform in Greensviile, SC in front of gospel legends Dorinda and Jackie Clarke or the Clarke Sisters. To hear them see me as a artist  and tell me I have a gift that will take me far. Priceless

Twist Online : Any future project you are working on?
Sha : Releasing a upcoming album for next year.

Twist Online : What are your future goals you want to achieve?
Sha : To continue to point people to Christ and be a positive force in the community but if it leads me to bigger platforms and to the nations. I don’t mind.

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