Jared Wesley

A Conversation With Hip-Hop Artist ‘Jared Wesley’

That’s our recent interview with a Hip-Hop Artist Jared Wesley. He recent released are vastly appreciated. We have interviewed him about his recent releases as well as about his professional career. You will definitely enjoy the interview.

Twist Online : Please introduce yourself to the readers and how and when did you first get into singing?
Jared Wesley : How’s it going readers my name is Jared Wesley I’m a Hip-Hop artist and I first got into rapping and singing around the same time taking it serious about 6 or 7 years ago but I always was rapping and singing before that for as long as I can remember just not recording anything.

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you as an artist growing up?
Jared Wesley : Outkast, Jay-Z, Curtis Mayfield

Twist Online : Your track “Zone 4 (Mu-Tha-F*cka)” is played millions of times. You must be happy with the response?
Jared Wesley : Yeah I’m pretty happy with the response it’s always a good feeling when people dig your music

Twist Online : Tell us about your Album “…Vol. 3” ?
Jared Wesley : My Album …Vol. 3 is actually titled The Reinvention of “The Cool” Vol. 3 and it’s part three in my mixtape trilogy I just decided to title it like that as a surprise to my fans. The album itself is a combination of hip-hop, r&b and experimental music rolled into

Twist Online : What is your most favorite song from this Album?
Jared Wesley : By far Limbo (The Decision) every time I play it I’m blown away by the rapping on that track it’s crazy to even think I made that

Twist Online : Any plans of releasing video of any of your songs ?
Jared Wesley : Not to that project but definitely on the next project which will include Zone 4 (Mu-Tha-F*cka)

Twist Online : What is your future goal as an artist?
Jared Wesley : To release at least 3 classic albums back to back and partnering up with a company whether it’s through a label or management to get my music out to a wider audience

Twist Online : What’s your favorite music genre?
Jared Wesley : Hip-Hop

Twist Online : Are you working on any new project? When will it be released?
Jared Wesley : Yes definitely I’m actually really close to it being finished and it will be out in a few months

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