A conversation with hip hop band ‘DV8’

Today on our Hot Seat we have a multi-talented group DV8 from Hillside NJ. Let’s have a chat with them.

Twist Online : First of all tell us about the start of your band DV8?

DV8 : DV8 is a hip hop/experimental group from Hillside NJ. The group consists of 3 guys, Zoned, a producer/rapper; L!ve, a rapper; and Kyun a singer. Production is all handled in camp by Zoned and creative direction from songs, visuals, and idea are handled by all 3 artists. All three artist come from wide ranging musical backgrounds that consist of not only hip hop, but rock, jazz, r&b and other musical elements that make up their artistic pallets. DV8 was created after a breakup in a previous group which was formally called V.E.R.S.E. DV8 ideally stands for breaking away from norms in the industry, creating fresh & new vibes for people to consume and enjoy, and a way to push culture and influence the generation after us.

Twist Online : Do you work within some specific genre?

DV8 : Necessarily we wouldn’t want to box ourselves in one genre in specific. We love all types of music. As artists we like to push boundaries and reach our potential by pushing limits. Alot of rappers/singers/artist in general have similar sounds and we’re trying to break away from that.


Twist Online : How is the response to your recent release ‘IF NOT US THEN WHO?’?

DV8 : Quite honestly it’s amazing because each person we interact with says they haven’t been able to skip a song and it’s good to hear such a response because not only do you want ppl to love the whole project but you don’t want them to pick favorites, you want them to feel like the songs really vibe to them. There’s nothing deeply emotional about the songs but they do make you feel pretty hyped for wats next. That’s for sure.

Twist Online : What has been your most enjoyable song so far? Why?

DV8 : Each record has it’s own place, time, setting and vibe it was created in. To say one record alone is a favorite will bring shade to other records that shine so bright

Twist Online : How often and for how long do you practice?

DV8 : We try to get in as much as possible, ideally for long hours at a time. We like to work a little harder than most

Twist Online : What attracts you more, performing on stage or working in studios?

DV8 : Both really, they are two totally different vibes. Performing on stage is a crazy feeling and a rush, but so is recording and crafting records in the studio
It’s more so seeing the picture come to life. From crafting in the studio to presenting in front of a crowd. The process is amazing and we always get great feedback

Twist Online : What’s the best part of being a part of music band?

DV8 : The best part of being in a group is being able to bounce crazy ideas!

Twist Online : What are you plans for the future? Working on any projects

DV8 : You”ll have to wait and see. There is alot in store. Very soon.

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