A Conversation With Hip Hop Push Media CEO Ardrae

We are sharing here our recent interview with founder and C.E.O. of Hip Hop Push Media.

Twist Online : Please introduce your company to our readers.
Ardrae : My name is Ardrae and I’m founder and C.E.O. of Hip Hop Push Media, LLC. I created the business back in 2009 to help market and promote independent and unsigned rap artists.

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to start Hip Hop Push Media?
Ardrae : I created Hip Hop Push Media to fill a need. That need was to effectively teach independent rap artists how to become successful in the music industry. Our company also serves as a platform to showcase and promote these artists to the world. There aren’t a lot of companies that are doing this. We’re the most successful at it.

Twist Online : Any reasons for limiting it to Rap artists only ?
Ardrae : Yes. The reason why we limit our services to rap artists is because that’s been our niche since we started. I also make rap music and have connections and contacts within the industry, so it’s easy to stay in a market that I know rather than try to take on multiple genres of music. I like to stay in my realm of competence.

Twist Online : What are the main services you are providing?
Ardrae : We provide a wide range of services that artists, producers, and dj’s can take advantage of. The services include: Magazines features, radio play, radio interviews, tv interviews, hip hop blog features, social media promo, Pr marketing, Press release, mixtape compilations, music videography, photo shoots, mixtape blogs, music video promotions, and signing artists to record labels.

Twist Online : What kind of response have you received so far?
Ardrae : We’ve received an amazing response over the years from artists, producers, record labels, publishing companies and other major businesses we’ve done joint ventures with to endorse artists. Our mission is to continue to build a reputable company that several artists can use to launch their music careers, just like we’ve done with many rappers who are now signed to major labels.

Twist Online : Do you think you are able to accomplish the mission you’ve set?
Ardrae : Yes, I think so. I think that we can accomplish the mission we set out to achieve based on the overwhelming support we’ve been getting from everyone within the music industry, and also a few Fortune 500 companies. We’re already the #1 promoters of rap artists in North America and we plan to be #1 in the world in years to come.

Twist Online : What doe Hip Hop Push Media do to stay ahead of the competition?
Ardrae : Well, one of the things we do is we create trends. We believe in innovation and being the first to do something new when it comes to marketing an artist to the world. We also believe in having the latest marketing tools and software in order to promote artists effectively. And finally we maintain good relationships and build contacts with those in the industry that can help give our artists the spotlight they need to reach an international audience.

Twist Online : What are some of your current projects or deals do you’re currently working on?
Ardrae: We’re currently working on a deal with Revolt TV that will help give more exposure to the artists we do business with. This will be a big step forward in expanding our brand and services.

For further information you can visit the Hip Hop Push Media Website

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