A conversation with Indie Artist M.West

Today on our Hot Seat we have M.West with us. Let’s have a chat with him.

Twist Online : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers.
M.West :
What’s up world I go by M.West. Like Obie Trice said back in the day real name no gimmicks. My birth name is Mark West II named after my father. I’m an indie artist from St.Louis,MO also where I was born and raised and still reside. I’ve been doing music on a serious level since the age of 14, performing by 15 and through the span of the next 3 years have had 6 songs played locally on St. Louis radio stations. At the time I was in a two man group called “2City” with my best friend of many years “Hollywood” aka Clay James. Now as a solo artist I want to display to the world my talent with various rap styles and to bring more attention to St.Louis artists because we have one hell of a sound and the talent in the city is plentiful.

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to get into music industry?
M.West :
Music itself is what actually inspired me. I have an older sister who has played the violin since the age of 5 so when I was 7 that was the first instrument I played. The next year I joined the school band playing the clarinet and did so for the next couple of years. My father grew up singing in his church choir and even though he didn’t sing much in the house I was introduced to a lot of music my parents grew up listening to at an early age, soon there after I discovered rap around 8 years old and I was blown away. I remember I would write the lyrics to my favorite songs down and change the words by including my name and my neighborhood and my friends. Around 12 or 13 my Aunt Hope married a man named Russell Malloyd a St.Louis pioneer for rap music since the early 90’s also known as “Pretty Russ”. I swear I was his biggest fan and it was dope that when I was that young I actually knew someone that was on the radio, been on soul train and was well known. It was on from that point on I figured I knew what I wanted to do with my life. Their marriage didn’t last long but he left a forever impression on me. My biggest inspiration to this day is basically the same, I get inspired when I hear dope music whether it’s hip hop r&b etc.

Twist Online : Tell us about your recent release “Nobody”?
M.West :
My recent release is my first release as a solo artist titled “THE DEFINITION”. I chose to name it that because I was in a group for so many years now I’m giving you who I am so this is the definition of me. It’s a 6 track EP produced top to bottom by Alabama’s own PR. The EP was released early 2018 first quarter. Each song has its own vibe I even have a short skit on the project where I explained how no 2 songs sound the same which is by design in order to give the listeners my full personality and who I really am. “Merry Go Round” is the single and has already been played in various clubs and debuted on St.Louis radio. A song for ladies to get loose and shake something to if you know what I mean lol. It’s most definitely a real club banger. The music video is on YouTube as well.

Twist Online : What kind of response you have received from the release?
M.West :
Pretty much all of the shows I’ve done this year and interviews I’ve done has been based off of people’s responses to the release. I’m also welcome to constructive criticism. I actually had a DJ tell me “yo the project is dope but I don’t like how all the songs are different I want to hear club bangers throughout.” So I’m conscious that all people won’t like my music but no matter what I will always stay original with my own sound and have substance and subject matter to everything I do. If I didn’t I’ll be just following trends and that’s not what we do these ways we set those. Artists have also reached out for collabs but before I do that I want to establish my own sound but in all the response has been very good for “THE DEFINITION.”

Twist Online : What’s your favorite music genre?
M.West :
It’s like 60 40 but if I had to choose it would be working in the studio. Don’t get me wrong I love being on stage but the whole creative process of making a song from top to bottom is really what I live for even when other people are involved we can bounce ideas off of each other and create magic. Real talk I can give you the best project you ever heard in one week just lock me in the booth with nothing but something to smoke some Remy and some pizza no lie. I’ve been recording for more than half my life and my love for it keeps growing. I’m a studio rat to tell you the truth but performing is a close 2nd. I’m actually in the middle of having my own studio built so I can jam out all day and night that’s like a dream come true for a nigga like me. In this day in age it’s so easy to send music and do features by email which is right up my alley cuz like I said I’m a studio rat for real for real so yeah working in the studio final answer lol!!

Twist Online : What’s the best part of being a music artist?
M.West :
I’m always trying to perfect my craft so I look at performing as a way to sharpen my tools but at the same time the buzz is still growing day to day so I’m doing a couple shows a month now. The business I co own as well as the brand is Underground Society so 9 times out of 10 when you see that name pop up I’m in the building and you’ll most definitely be satisfied after I hit the stage. Different song styles require different energy and I’m all energy when I do shows. I haven’t turned down one opportunity yet whether it’s a showcase a competition or a slot opening up but in the near future I’m working on supporting my city and hosting different showcases for all artists which I will be headlining.

Twist Online : Have you set some goals to achieve?
M.West :
I want to set goals with and without the music. Building this Underground Society brand is probably the most important thing to me right now and that’s bigger than music it’s a mindset it’s a way of life it’s bettering our people by unifying the community. My short term/long term goals are basically the same as far as the music but first and foremost I’m trying to lock my city down and with the support of my own the sky is the limit but I have noticed that nobody hates on you more than the people from your own city and that is just crazy to me. I guess I kind of get it because they actually know you they remember when you were struggling and now things changed for you and maybe not for them so in comes the resentment but it’s still bullshit to me. I want people to really look at St.Louis as a place where a lot of great artists are. I want them to look at us when they want to hear the next hot thing.

Twist Online : Are you working on any new project?
M.West :
I recently just began the recording process for my first album. I’m already naming it “Frequency.” The one thing that I do in my music is get personal on a lot of levels so people can get to know me so thus the name of the album I’m giving you the highs and the lows of my life something like frequency waves for example. I’ll have a few collabs on this joint this time from a few of the hottest young artists in the STL. If you take anything from hearing an M.West project you will walk away with depth, subject matter, substance and lyrical ability. Thanks for your time……aye you already know ITS THE UNDERGROUND SOCIETY THO!!!!

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