A conversation with multi-talented Matthew James

We have recently interviewed Matthew James. Born as Matthew James Johncox but he goes by the artist name Matthew James. The 29 year old musician from New York has been working diligently in his music career for some time now, having some pretty major accomplishments. From Talks with Grand Hustle, Sony, Republica records to a national tour, his achievements are making him more established musician day by day. He now has over 90 shows in his career. He has also been featured in XXL magazine and other major platforms. Apart from being a musician, Matt is also a business owner, business consultant, an investor, model and an actor. There is no doubt he is a real multi-talent.

Twist Online : First of all tell us about the start of your professional career?
Matthew James : Ever since I was a kid I knew I was born to be a star. Doing what? I aint really know. I just knew that for some reason, people are attracted to me and I don’t think its my good looks lol hahaha but in like a magnetic way. I also know I’ve always been able to influence people, sometimes it wasn’t it the best of ways but once I figured out how to use my powers for good and influence and inspire people, and knew that a fuck up like me could actually do something with my life. I started making things happen. But before all that, My Whole life my Mom has been telling me God has a bigger plan for me and I really can be anything I want to be. So with thoughts like that, enjoying music over all and always having classic rock playing the house but I couldn’t play the guitar or sing like that but I knew I could put the words to music and knew I had a story to tell. So next thing you know, I ended up in the ghetto (and yes everybody asked if I was a cop lol bahahaha) they asked me to go in to their studio and freestyle and I went off for like over 6 minutes straight and it’s been a rap ever since. Shout out to Peety and The Roc.

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to get into music industry?
Matthew James : Being honest, I was a total fuck up with nothing insite but jail or death. I don’t come from what most dream the “hood” but stereo types and shit like that annoy the hell out of me. I’m good in almost any place I go. But being from the country, people think its all cows and farms. Again, can’t stand stereo types but in my “hood” shit was pretty ghetto. I don’t even come from the rich side of the cows and farms lol. So we all know there isn’t a much easier or a faster way for a young teenager to make money than doing things he shouldn’t. We were into every hustle that was out there. But I was hustlin’ to not only take care of my family but also get my money up to go to a studio and make music. Which at the time I aint really tell anybody. Cause a white boy from the country who wants to rap isn’t always the best way to lead in to a conversation but remember we were teenagers and everything mattered. Now a days, my family is happy and healthy. We all are comfortable and I aint gotta do a damn thing that is even close to illegal.
And again, between my mom and then my friends starting to hear me make music and couldn’t believe that it was actually pretty decent then almost everybody who heard my music kept saying things like “Don’t forget me when you get to the Grammy’s” lol and “and damn I didn’t know you could make music like that” it inspired me to keep going. And after I signed my first autograph I knew it was for real and then getting messages daily with people saying my music has changed their life or even saved their life and it had inspired them to follow their dreams. It in return inspired me to take this whole thing to another level. The level that I’m at now.

Twist Online : Tell us about your recent release?
Matthew James : At the Moment, the most current piece of music I’ve released is My Letter to Kid Cudi with the motion picture music video on Youtube. With Cudi last year coming to terms with his mental health issues and checking himself into a facility to get help. Not only can I relate but I also wanted Cudi to know that there are people out here who not only understand what he is going though but also have his back and will always be his fans. Bi-polar and depression are a real thing and need to be taken seriously. I think everybody should get examined just as they do a physical test every year.Or atleast we are supposed lol We should also be doing mental exams as well. A lot of lives could be saved. From Heart attacks, to suicides to murder to diabetes. Prevent instead punish. Just my thought. So YES, this song was very important to me. Plus it showed a side of me that I don’t often show. Oh yeh, I also released 2 other songscalled ‘R.E.S.P.E.C.T” & “They Mad”. That I gave away for free on Soundcloud

I usually don’t give music away for free now a days but since every body has been supporting and buying all the new music and streaming it before it got taken down. That’s a Long story. I wanted to give them some free music. Both songs sound a little more like Future/Migos/Travis scott style but with lyrics you can actually understand. lol “They Mad” was released just to let people know that I know that they know that “They Mad” and best part is…When I see other people doing good even if I’m not friends with them, I’m proud of them and happy for them. I’ve never understood hatred for no reason, guess that’s why I over stand by my morals and values.

Twist Online : What kind of response you have received from the release?
Matthew James : After Cudi hit me up, thanked me and every person who listened to it messaged me saying how emotional the song had made them. That was enough right there. But the messages still havn’t stopped with people saying amazing things like ” This song should be on the radio” or “This song is on point and I actually felt something listening to your words” and even “Your music has saved my life”. When you hear or read words like that, It makes every second of this worth it.

Twist Online : What attracts you more, performing on stage or working in studios?
Matthew James : To be honest, I LOVE THEM BOTH! The only other place that’s better than being on stage or in the studio is in that P*ssy. hahaha

Twist Online : You are also a business owner, business consultant and investor, model and actor. How do you manage all that?
Matthew James : Honestly, I dont know. lol Seriously though, I have an amazing team. Shout out to #MotivatedMoneyMakersOnly #ExclusiveMoneyMakersOnly which is #EMMO3680 and everybody who helps moving the #Eljefe3680 and #MonsterMusic #MatthewJames3680 brand ,forward. If you seen my team you would understand. We are much different than what you imagine. It aint just me and some of my people sittin around smokin blunts and doin shots with half naked women, just dreamin. WE OUT HERE WORKIN! EVERY DAMN DAY!

Twist Online : Have you set some target to achieve?
Matthew James : Absolutely, over all? We just keep pushing forward until there is no more to go,get or have. So pretty much, we’re never stopping. So any rapper coming for my spot better #WorkHarder3680 or #PutTheMicDown3680 #TuckYourChainIn3680 #WhenWeAround3680

Twist Online : Are you currently working on any other projects?
Matthew James : I currently have about 7 different projects going. Through all of my business ventures, including a possible TV Show but that’s all I’m really able to say at this time due to contract restrictions, we are extremely busy non-stop. Over seeing not just one but a few different car dealerships, as well as owning one and having stake in a few others, takes a lot of time and effort. And to be 100% truthful, nobody does what we do out the way we do it, in the sense how the way we sell our cars. We specialize in inexpensive cars. Where else can you find a newer Beamer or Benz or something like that with no mechanical issues, safe and reliable and comes New York State Inspected ,Yes in NY we have to have a safety and an emissions/smog test once a year or you legally cant drive your vehicle, for a few thousand dollars. No where. That’s why Best Buy Auto Outlet Inc #BBAO1403 is one of the top selling car dealers in the Upstate NY area. But again, this is all only possible through the Grace of our Lord and Savior. My amazing and incredible team. My family. My friends and of course all you beautiful fans. I’d also like to say thank you for having me today. It was a good time sitting down and talking with you guys. #SeeYouAtTheCountryClub

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