A conversation with music artist and producer Ras Au-t Amam MFA Indegenius

Today on our Hot Seat we have Ras Au-t Amam MFA Indegenius with us. Let’s have a chat with him.

Twist Online : Tell us about the start of your music career?
Indegenius :
So in terms of the start of my existence as a professional in music, it really started after I had gone through much of my adulthood. I went through and graduated from schools and all that sort of thing, starting a family, and found myself one day needing to sell a t-shirt. Next thing I knew I had written rap and uploaded it to Youtube for the purpose of spreading the word about this t-shirt. The song was called 49ers because we had made a t-shirts that have a 40 bottle, a nine MM, and said 49 ers’ like the football team. It was supposed to be particularly threatening toward opposing teams. So it happened pretty quickly that I became a commercial writer of songs. I think what applies pretty well to other people is, it may just be the thing that people need you for that you really should be concentrating on, not the thing you THINK they need you for. Right? But you will not find that out until you start trying some things. So get busy.

Twist Online : Any specific reason / story behind the artist name ‘Indegenius’?
Indegenius :
Interesting that you should ask about that. Most people just take things at surface value and let them go so I commend you for digging deeper. So in reality Indegenius is a title. It does not have to do directly with my heritage although I am very proud of my native heritage. It has to do with my mastery of information technology which was given to all people who arrived in this land by the original inhabitants of this land. And this information technology has worked so well that everyone has forgotten it. And the truth of this information technology which I have mastered is the reality that all things in existence are one; if you want something good out you have to say “thank you” and put something good in first. Because I remember this, I’m Indegenius. So I make it my life work to help others, through my music, to understand that now’s the time to take life into their own hands, put in their good effort, so that we can all get the good results.

Twist Online : Tell us about your recent project ?
Indegenius :
When it comes to my projects, I’ve completely switched over to the new music economy. I do my best to no longer release albums. Instead I release singles often to the streaming services and keep a repository of all my music for members of my DeepFanExperience who also get one on one webinar time with me and personal interest from me in their business operation.

Twist Online : You best album so far?
Indegenius :
Well, I don’t think I can call out the best album so far but I can tell you my best song of the moment. How about that? Right now, for released music, I think everyone should check out my single “Break Out by Indegenius”. This is my call to action for the world and my listeners in the world to start taking action into their own hands and start a business of their own right now. And if they need assistance of course I’ve got much more music to keep them motivated through the entrepreneurial process.

Twist Online : What’s your favorite music genre?
Indegenius :
While I do rap quite a bit in commercial communications, reggae music is the type of music that I perform most often for mass communication and meditation. Reggae music, which they started in Jamaica, has grown to be a worldwide phenomenon and movement of change. I’m doing my best to take part in spreading an uplifting message of achievement through a positive and danceable art form. So I hope that you will take a listen to what I have done and feel some inspiration to make change in your own environment by starting a business now.

Twist Online : You are producing music for other artists as well?
Indegenius :
As an executive producer, I call together the best and the brightest that I can find to make the most powerful communications that I can create. So to Indegenius your Twist Online I do release music to other artists that I have created and I commission other artists for music that I will create. This is the essence of artistic and entrepreneurial networking and I recommend to my listeners and yours that they work on ways to expand their networks by forming partnerships that allow both parties to make money. This is opposite from how we’re trained in the colonial system, which is why I am encouraging business ownership to redesign our minds for survival.

Twist Online : Any upcoming projects in near future?
Indegenius :
Thank you for asking. I’m actually creating music at a faster rate than I ever have before since the start of the year and I am going to be doing much more regular distribution of songs that I’m creating. Until now members of my DeepFanExperience have had exclusive access to many songs that are not available on streaming services. What im doing going forward is pre releasing to my members and then releasing individual singles to the streaming services as they are rated by my DeepFanExperience members. So I hope you’ll go to http://Indegenius.net and take advantage of the opportunity to get all of my music and get in contact with me.

Twist Online : Anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Indegenius :
Well I do want to take the time to thank you for having me and if there is only one thing that I hope I have communicated to your readers it is that they should start a business right now for the purpose of transforming their employee mentality into a decision maker who is an world changer. My music and assistance are here for you! Please head over to http://Indegenius.net and I have a special message just for you about how to actually make the change in your own life. Yokoke, Thank you for listening

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