A Conversation with Newborn

We recently interviewed Newborn. Singer & guitarist Allen James answered our questions on the behalf of the band. Here is what we got for you.

Twist Online : What’s the story behind the start of your band “Newborn”.
Newborn : Eric and I, who had been close friends since high school,  decided to start a band in 2013, although I don’t think we really got our start until December of 2014. We were trying to be a 4 piece band but our first year was a mess of lineup changes . Finding a drummer was the biggest problem. We met Blake through a mutual friend in 2014. Our bass player at the time soon left the band. We eventually grew tired of looking for band members so Eric made the switch from rhythm guitar to bass and we became a three piece. On December 28th, 2014 we played our first show as a trio.


Twist Online : How much you are excited about your debut music video “Runaround” ?
Newborn : We didn’t know what to expect because it was our first music video but we are really happy with the way it came out. We wanted it to not only look enticing but to portray a strong message in a lighthearted and funny way. I think we accomplished that so we are very excited about that.

Twist Online : Tell us about your recently released “Newborn EP”.
Newborn : It’s our second EP. Though it’s only five songs it took us quite a long time to record it. Every song is very special to us and we wanted the recordings to sound perfect, which is why it took so long. It was definitely worth it.

Twist Online : How was the response of your fans to you recent release?
Newborn : Really amazing from what we’ve seen. Everybody has a different favorite song from m this EP which is incredible. I feel like we’ve connected with listeners on a personal and deeper level, which is what we’ve always been about. I think especially the last song “Old Soul” really resonated with a lot of people.

Twist Online : What’s the music genre of the band?
Newborn : Alternative rock, but we don’t really stick to one particular genre. We are very eclectic.

Twist Online : What do you enjoy more, performing on stage or working in the studio?
Newborn : It’s two totally different experiences. We get great enjoyment from both.

Twist Online : Any new projects after the “NewBorn EP” that you are working on?
Newborn : Hopefully our first full length album. Or at least another single before then.

Twist Online : Are you on Social Media? Your fans would love to follow you.
Newborn :  Instagram:



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