A Conversation with RadioBlack Band

We recently had conversation with A very talented band Radio Black. It was a very interesting conversation so we are sharing it here with our readers.

Twist Online : First, TJ, Tell us a little about the starting of Band.
RadioBlack : RadioBlack started about 2 years ago. I moved to Los Angeles from Boston knowing that this was the place to be to take my music career to the next level. I received a call from a mutual friend in the industry when I was looking for a drummer. That’s how I met Derek, founding member of Atlantic Records Certified GOLD recording group Smile Empty Soul. I knew from his track record that he had chops and when he auditioned for me, we just gelled. We auditioned bass players for a while till we found Hayato. He’s a beast. And solidified our line up.

Twist Online : What are the name of your band members and what are their roles?
RadioBlack : TJ Courtney – Vocals and Guitar, Derek Gledhill- Drums and Vocals, Hayato Takano- Bass

Twist Online : How was response to your recent release “wrong places”?
RadioBlack : It has been so awesome. We have the coolest fans in the world. This was our first single release so we didn’t know what to expect. But it has been really amazing to see all the support and feedback from fans all over the world.

Twist Online : Is there anyone in Music industry who inspires you?
RadioBlack : Honestly the Foo Fighters do. And I’m not just saying that because we recorded at their studio! They do things their own way. Always have, always will. That’s why they are who they are. Trends come and go but the Foo’s are here to stay. Its just real rock n roll.  And that’s not so easy to find these days.

Twist Online : Do you love working in your studio or performing in concert?
RadioBlack : Safe to say we love them both, but performing is where our heart is. Studio time is awesome cuz its the process of creation but connecting live with our fans, well, there’s just no better feeling in the world.

Twist Online : Why you had chosen to be a rock band? Any particular reason for going for this music genre?
RadioBlack : Don’t think it was a choice really. Rock music has always spoken to my soul. It’s what I’ve always loved since I was in diapers.

Radio Black

Twist Online : Are you planning another project in recent future?
RadioBlack : Are plans right now are to release as much music as possible and play live as much as possible. We really just wanna unleash RadioBlack onto the world.

Twist Online : Are you socially active? How can your fans follow you?
RadioBlack : We are very socially active. Instagram, Twitter, Youtube Facebook, etc all at @RadioBlackBand We run all our own accounts and love talking with our fans, so make sure to drop us a line!

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