A conversation with rapper Its21Master

Today on our Hot Seat we have a Singapore based rap artist Its21Master with us. Let’s have a chat with him.

Twist Online : First of all tell us about the start of your music career.
Its21Master :
I started off rap music on a whim when I made a song called “Thrown in Your Face”. I started to get into exploring audio mixing via DAWs and I wanted to make a song right away. I have always had a love for Hip Hop music, and I never thought that
I could be the artist for once, instead of just being a listener. Before I knew it, I was bumping to some beats and started off my rap career. Although my first few songs were not the best, I have been working on my craft through writing songs to different beats with varying vibes.
I was addicted to rapping, and I can’t stop now.

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to get into music industry?
Its21Master :
Whenever someone asks me this type of question, the name “Slim Shady” always pops up right off the bat in my mind. I was inspired by Eminem from a young age, from his old school albums like the Slim Shady LP, the Eminem Show to the 2010s songs.
I am a huge fan of Eminem’s music, and I appreciated how he had expressed emotions like love, sadness, and hype through poetry in Hip Hop. It was inspiring nonetheless, and I wanted to become a Hip Hop artist who could express himself through music.

Twist Online : Tell us about your recent release ?
Its21Master :
My latest release is actually “Step Down”, which dropped back in October 2019. It is a trap song that I collaborated with Vic Rippa, another rapper who also has a passion for rapping. We had worked with producer BigBoyTraks and a well-known audio engineer, Lil Edd, who is very
experienced in mixing and mastering. We had lots of fun making this song and it was definitely a hit in my discography.

Twist Online : What kind of response you have received from the release?
Its21Master :
The support for “Step Down” skyrocketed! It was getting favourited by many playlist curators who had a taste for rap songs, and it is currently second in total streams among my other songs on Spotify. People had really bumped to the song and there were a couple of my friends who had complimented the song for bringing in a new vibe into the Its21Master brand.

Twist Online : What attracts you more, Working in studios or performing on stage?
Its21Master :
I do have lots of fun in a studio, but performing on stage would be amazing. Although I have not performed on stage yet since I am just an upcoming artist, just imagining the performance is crazy. The best thing about performing live in my opinion is that the artist gets to connect
with his or her audience through music. Music has always been a platform for freedom of expression, and artists can spread their messages to countless others. I do hope to perform on stage one day, it would be a mad experience.

Twist Online : What’s the best part of being a music producer?
Its21Master :
I am actually more of an artist than a producer, but I do make beats for myself sometimes. The crazy thing about producing is that, whenever you are feeling a certain mood or life’s been getting you down, making an instrumental would really help out and it provides so much relief.
And whenever you put together different instruments, 808s, kicks et cetera and it becomes a beat that you really vibe to, you would have this sudden rush to rap or sing to the beat right away. An image of a potential song would straight away come up in your mind, and the excitement to start writing to the beat feels great.

Twist Online : Have you set any goals to achieve?
Its21Master :
I aim to better my craft, work with many great artists out there on a couple of hits and become a rapper who everyone acknowledges.

Twist Online : Are you working on any new project?
Its21Master :
I have been working on a single “Supersize”, which actually releases this week. It’s a crazy track worked on by me, Vic Rippa and Kevin Hues.
I am also working on an album, which I would not give a name yet. All I can say is, 2020 is the year for some fire music.

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