A Conversation with Rapper & Producer YN$M DEE

We are sharing our recent interview with artist Damian known by Stage Name YN$M DEE.

Why did you start making musik?
I started making music when to express myself.

Who was your inspiration?
My inspiration I would say Boosie,Future,&Young Jeezy

Where your parents for or against it? Do you still have that same passion?
My Parents support my music ,and yes I’m gonna always be passionate about music .

Do you have any rivals?
No To Much Respect for a rival & besides can’t be my rival if they ain’t making no money.

What is your favorite cd?
One of my favorite mixtapes is
A mixtape I made called New Kid On The Block.

What is your favorite song?
My favorite song would have to be On My Grind Ft RNBPERKK & YN$M BEZZY

Where are you from?
Tangipahoa Louisiana Aka 4WAY

Do you like to do collaborations?
Yes I like doing collabs, because that makes your fan base expand & u met different artist.

What is your favorite music magazine?

When did you start making music?
I actually started recording music back in like O5.

Did someone have to push you to make music?
No one had to push me I was all for making music since a youngin coming up freestyling

Will you ever retire?
No I feel like I will be the next Jay Z or P Diddy

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