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A Conversation With Rising New Jersey based Artist Austin Redmon

 Today in our hot seat we have a rising talent from Jersey City, New Jersey Austin Redmon. Not only is he a singer but he is multi-talented in Songwriting, Dancing and Acting as well. Let’s have a chat with him

Twist Online: How and when was the start of your music career? Your fans will be eager to know.

Austin Redmon: when I started singing I was 10, I knew at an early age this is what I wanted to do. When I actual started to pursue this I was 17, I was also a songwriter. I remember going into recording sessions with my cousin fiancé at the time he was writing and working on a lot demos for major artists. Just about every other week he would took me with him to DJ Eddie F (Heavy D & The Boyz) house he has worked with everyone from (Chris Brown, Jaheim, Anthony Hamilton, and Donell Jones) he would always bring me along with him, from there my love for music grew.

Twist Online: Tell us about your recent release Just Like I Want You?

Austin Redmon: “Just Like I Want You” is the first single off my project. It’s a feel good record, its upbeat and mid-tempo. I wanted something that you could groove and dance to. Yet also telling a story that everyone could relate too, we all have had a person we wanted to pursue but was either scared to approach them. In this situation you both are, but you’re putting yourself out there. Saying I know you want me, just as much as I want you, so lets stop playing games, time waits for no one.

Twist Online: Singing, Songwriting, Dancing and Acting. What do you enjoy more?

Austin Redmon: That’s very hard… hmmm singing and songwriter for me goes hand in hand, being that I’m also a songwriter and write all my material. Dancing has always been apart of my life since about the age of 6, and acting I love; being able to change characters and become someone totally different. If I had to choose it would be both singing and songwriter

Twist Online: Who are some of the artists that inspire you?

Austin Redmon: Artist who inspire me are Brandy, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson,vUsher, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, and Tank… Just to name a few, there’s so many.

Twist Online: What are some of your goals in life, you want to achieve next?

Austin Redmon: My goal in life is to inspire people to never give up on their dreams and being able to travel the world and share my gift. Also to become the go-to singer/songwriter in the industry.

Twist Online: Any new Project you are working on? When it will be released?

Austin Redmon: Yes! I am currently working on the music video for my single. Finishing up the album “The Austin Chronicles” slated for a fourth quarter release. And also working on album placements for other major artists.

Twist Online: What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue this career?

Austin Redmon: This is not an easy business; you truly have live and breathe this. Some people think things happen overnight, its not that simple. You have put in the time and effort and invest in yourself not many people are willing to do that. Just don’t go thinking you can go from making $0 to a couple thousand, or even more.

Twist Online: Are you on Social Media? Your fans would love to follow you.

Austin Redmon: Yes I am… Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, and Facebook

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