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A Conversation With Versatile Artist 4-4 Water

Hailing from South Carolina, 4-4 Water is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist with a unique approach to his blend of hip-hop, pop and R&B.
The eclectic performer set out to achieve something truly unique embracing the refreshing idea that great music is something that one can relate to from many different angles: his sound is all about connecting with the listeners through high-energy release, uplifting melodies, a smooth lyrical flow that knows no boundaries or useless genre definitions.

We recently had very interesting conversation with him.

Twist Online : How was your start of music career?

4-4 Water : I’ve always had a love for music since I was knee high! I can still remember jumping out of my high chair when “soul train” came on the tv! Lol I took it seriously at the age of 17 & really focused on what I wanted to create. It was bumpy at first but once I found my self & sound it was on!

Twist Online : Do you write lyrics yourself?

4-4 Water : Yes! I’m a firm believer in writing my own lyrics! For me I always have felt like how can someone else write my story? Listeners want to feel & envision what your saying & believe you not someone else.. I just thank the most high for the ability to write!

Twist Online : What’s your music genre? Hip-hop, pop, rock or any other?

4-4 Water : My genre is a blend between hip-hop/r&b/pop i do not believe in just one style of music! We all feel different at different times in our lives..i really like to push the boundaries! For me it’s exciting, fun, & challenging! I’m the type of artist that loves branching out and experimenting with different sounds! With all said..At one point in time it was all about music! Whatever happened to that? Like the saying goes.. it’s either good or bad!

Twist Online : Tell us more about your single””House party“?

4-4 Water : House party is probably one of the biggest projects I’ve done thus far! The support system it has accumulated is crazy! from college radio,rhythmic radio,top 40 radio,drt charts,upcoming 100 charts,bloggers,viners to touchtunes adding it to their 60k jukeboxes worldwide! My whole meaning behind it can be summed up in three words “feel good music” Of course major thanks goes to all the great people who have helped make it what it is! It’s a blessing no doubt!

4-4 water

Twist Online : Are you inspired from someone in music industry?

4-4 Water : Of course! For me to single out just one person would be impossible! There’s a lot of people I have been inspired by in this game not only for music…but as business minded individuals as well!

Twist Online : What is the next target you would like to achieve?

4-4 Water : My target is always to build, build, & build some more! Whether it’s music or the business side of things!

Twist Online : What is the motivation behind your work?

4-4 Water : It’s very simple for me! Surrounding myself with positive people who share the same common goal & vision that I do. That alone motivates me to another level! The best thing about is that I can count all of them on one hand! And of course the fans! That’s always!

Twist Online : Are you working on anything? When will it be released?

4-4 Water : Yes! #nosleepcampaign 2.0 will be out soon! I got something special this summer 2016! A lot is happening! but as u know I’m always full of surprises! Stay tuned!

Twist Online : Are you on Social Media? Your fans would love to follow you.

4-4 Water: Just about anywhere! but the best way to keep up with me is Twitter! Follow me @44WATER I DO RESPOND BACK! same name for Instagram as well!

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