Vincent Vittorio record safari

A Conversation with Vincent Vittorio on his upcoming project Record Safari

Here is our recent inteview with Vincent Vittorio who is about to start production on an exciting documentary called Record Safari. So our interview will focus on that project.

Twist Online : First of all tell us about the start of your professional career and what inspired you to get into this industry?

Vincent Vittorio : Ever since I was a young boy, I have enjoyed the power and impact of storytelling . I studied journalism and film studies throughout university and quickly learned that documentary filmmaking was my calling. Since then my company, Life is My Movie Entertainment ( has had the pleasure of collaborating with some very talented filmmakers.

Twist Online : Our readers would like to know about your team and your main projects launched?

Vincent Vittorio : The Life Is My Movie main office is in Los Angeles, California with an additional presence in Atlanta, Georgia. The Atlanta office is headed by one of my business partners Jeremy Doublestein, our Chief Information Officer, who is vital to the technical distribution elements of our company.
Glori Smith, Director of Outreach has been very successful in helping our films be widely distributed around the world. Palmer Wallace, Director of Distribution and Acquisitions, has been integral to extending our relationship with filmmakers in the documentary space. The Los Angeles office is run by Grace Amodeo, our Director of Operations, who is essential to the wellbeing of our California office as well as the company a whole. I am very grateful to have her be a part of our team. Reagan Hines is my other business partner who is the Director of Film Development and is currently working on an exciting documentary following up his award-winning directorial debut.

To mention a few upcoming projects I am excited about… Warehoused will be released in the fall of this year and looks at the plight of long-term refugees by focusing on the story of a refugee in one of the world’s largest refugee camps, Dadaab. You can learn more at Unforgotten 24 tells the stories of lost heroes that are now remembered and honored by the Medal of Honor. You can learn more at The New Breed is another exciting project we are happy to be producing. The film explores the rise of the social entrepreneur and young businesspeople using their companies to do good around the world.

Twist Online : Tell us about your upcoming documentary titled Record Safari?

Vincent Vittorio : I had the pleasure of meeting Alex Rodriguez while shooting a documentary several months ago, and was intrigued by his knowledge and passion for collecting vinyl. The documentary explores this restored appreciation for vinyl records. We are currently in production and following Alex on a roadtrip across America as he meets an eclectic group of musicians, artists, collectors, and vinyl enthusiasts, all while he discovers, purchases, and curates records for Coachella’s on-site record store.

Twist Online : What kind of response you are expecting from the release?

Vincent Vittorio : The film will be released at the beginning of next year (2018) and will be an exciting road-trip journey. We hope the film resonates with people who are passionate about music and the vinyl experience.

Twist Online : What’s your biggest achievement so far?

Vincent Vittorio : My biggest achievement has been getting to work with amazing people while continuing to do what I love. I feel like it is not often that people can say they are truly love what they are doing for work and I have been lucky enough to feel this way.


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