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A Recent Conversation With TreWay & the Now Generation

Hi readers we are sharing with your our recent interview with TreWay & the Now Generation. Their recent release “Don’t Call” is getting attentions from their fans as well as from music critics. So we took the opportunity to have an interview with them.

Twist Online : Please introduce yourself to our readers.
TreWay & the Now Generation : Treway and the Now Generation is a collective of musicians and singers from the Philadelphia Area, who tap into music on all genres

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to form your band?
TreWay & the Now Generation : The roots had a very big influence on developing a band, and also soundcheck band and a few others.

Twist Online : Our readers would like to know about the band members and their roles in the band?
TreWay & the Now Generation : We have Me, Treway on vocals, Sheldon Robinson on percussion, Simon Martinez on guitar. Mare Floyd on Piano, Oscar Grant (Background vocals), Eric Whatley Bass, Nick Lon. on Trumbone, Henry Tirfe on sax, and Arnetta on Trumpet.

Twist Online : Tell us about your recently release single ‘Don’t Call‘?
TreWay & the Now Generation : The newest release “Don’t Call” is on digital store outlets including iTunes, Spotify, Tidal etc. The song was  inspired from a real life event. Funny thing is my girlfriend and I got in an argument the night I started the song and told me on to call her anymore, which sparked the Track title. Since then, we are back together lol but she actually helped me write a couple of the verses to finish the track!

Twist Online : “Tre Way and the now generation” Any story behind this name of your band?
TreWay & the Now Generation : The story behind the name is wrapped around the now. People talk about the past and the future, but they don’t reflect on what’s going on now we some of the most talented singers and musicians in and around the city who are changing the game NOW and should be recognized for it. This IS the generation of the NOW.

Twist Online : What do you enjoy more performing live or working in studios?
TreWay & the Now Generation : I love performing live. I like that the band gets to interact and vibe, as well as pull the energy from the crowd.

Twist Online : Are you influenced by any particular music genre?
TreWay & the Now Generation : I’m influenced by Gospel, hands down one of the biggest influences. I feel like you can sing gospel anywhere and someone will join in You get a feeling when you sing gospel, you are moved by it in its entirety.

Twist Online : Have you set some goals to achieve ?
TreWay & the Now Generation : Yes, I have a few goals, about 4pages worth lol. Primarily I want to tour with the band and possibly perform on a late night show with the band as well. The vision is just growing, but those are just a few goals

Twist Online : Tell us about your upcoming projects?
TreWay & the Now Generation : The upcoming project is the Album. We don’t have a title yet, but its really basically a mix of everything. We have alot of really good features on it as well as multi-genres on this album. It’s everything any listener would want to hear now.

Very excited for what 2017 has to come! You can follow us on Social media @_thenowgeneration on Instagram/FB/Twitter
and my page on Instagram @itsTreway!

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