Alex Veach impresses with his new album “Enigma”

Alex Veach is aiming to make a splash in the electronic music scene. With a dark and brooding mix, Veach sets a new tone for his musical style. Inspired by the time-honored duo Daft Punk and enigmatic producer Gesaffelstein, Veach tries to paint an epic soundscape. The full mix plays like a story, with highs and lows. The buildup with Dark Sledge pulls you in right from the start.

The drop has some fire and with the sirens really gets you on edge. Kinetic Fallacy is wild. There’s a hypnotic vibe to the track that just makes you feel like you’re in an underground bunker party tripping. At least for us, we’re wondering what’s next? The final song in the mix, Lustrun, begs more. Maybe there’ll be an Enigma Part 2?

You can download the Album from:

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