All About Tom Morello And His Bands

Attention Tom Morello fans! You’ve probably heard of Rage Against the Machine, Tom Morello’s most well known band, but what about the rest of Tom Morello’s bands and musical projects?

Did you that Tom Morello often played with Bruce Springsteen? Or that he Wrote and recorded an acoustic folk song with Ben Harper titled “Save the Hammer for the Man”? Or that he is currently touring with a brand called Prophets of Rage?

Learn about all of Tom’s bands In a brand new post from official fan site Learn about his solo, acoustic work under his folk-rock alter-ego The Nightwatchman, his a-political musical endeavors with Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell in the band AudioSlave and read about his newest band Prophets of Rage featuring hip-hop legends Chuck D (Public Enemy) and B-Real (Cypress Hill).

Check them all out here on this new post from!

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