An exclusive interview with band Loud Library

We are sharing our recent interview with Ben ,Judicael, and Garret from Loud Library

Twist Online : Garret, Who or what inspired you to get into music?
Garret : “I was looking for something new to try since I was getting bored with my current hobbies and my dad was a big classic and prog rock fan so I figured I would give guitar a try. I had a couple friends who were also playing drums and bass and we would learn songs and play together. 10 years later and i still cant get enough of it.”

Twist Online : Judicael, Tell us about the recent release “A letter Home”?
Judicael :
“ Our ep was all original stuff, it was a good release to show our spontaneous side. It was called “A Letter Home” being that it was released close to Thanksgiving, and during that time, family and friends are resonant. Me personally I’m from Burkina Faso, Africa so it fit description.

Twist Online : Ben , So how did the band form?
Ben: “ Well, first I met Judicael in 2017, and we played together for the first time and pretty much clicked. Early in 2018 we were talking about actually making a band and who could play the bass, and soon enough we were a 3 piece named Loud Library. There were some rotations until around October 2018 when I met Garret, and we’ve been playing since. We’ve definitely came to see improvement on how we make songs, and play as a band.

Twist Online : Judicael, Is creating original material important as a DIY band?
“ I really like to create songs, jams, being a musician i like the ability to come up with ideas and see how it works. I believe if musicians really make something that they believe feels good to them, listeners may be touched and it could go a long way.”

Twist Online : Garret, What’s the best part of being in a band?
Garett :
“Getting to blend my style of playing with other people. I was mainly into blues rock when I first started playing and the more people I met, the more music and types of music I was introduced to. Playing with other people forces you to play in styles you sometimes aren’t familiar with. Pair that with the fact that each band member has to be on the same page and pay attention to what everyone else is playing and you can make some pretty interesting music. I can’t just go and rip a 10 minute solo for every song. Everything I play needs to compliment the song.”

Twist Online :Ben, Have you set some goals?
“we have a couple more shows this year, and as we continue to craft our sound, were writing more songs that vibe well, and planning a tour next year”.

Twist Online : Ben, Tell us about the upcoming release , Recycle Bin.
Ben : “It’s a song that has a summer sounding vibe to it, lyrics that are full of fun and basically explains the routine happenings in life. Such as stress, missed opportunity, going from point a to point b, then back to point a. Anyone who would describe their life as such would definitely relate to recycle bin haha. It’s a song that also displays a great sound from us. As were a 3 piece, we’ve been finding that niche of wat songs to create going forward, and I believe this is a good step in the right direction. I’m excited to share this with everyone. It should be released in September.

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