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An Exclusive Interview With British Producer Conspiracy Industries

Conspiracy Industries : Hey everyone! My name is Add Morris and I am from the UK! I go under the artist name of “Conspiracy Industries”. I produce different styles of heavy electronic music that tends to give you a nice slap in the face when you listen to it. I can’t really say that I am any one particular genre but if you like styles like Dubstep, Electro House and Trap then you would definitely like my music.


Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to get into the music industry?
Conspiracy Industries : So many things actually, I was in my first band and started learning to produce in my late teens and I guess I was pretty hooked on the whole production thing straight away, gosh when I think about it now it feels such a long time ago! My first set up was such a joke, it was like a £3 webcam mic with a 10w practice amp that came free with my first ever guitar. I then hooked them all up and used some budget 4 track recording software on my shitty PC. The first time I realised I had the ability to lay 2 guitars over each other that was it, sold for life! I then continued to work in production for a long time and I guess my personal interest in music just evolved to a more electronic based production style.


Twist Online : Tell us about your recently released Album Vermilion?
Conspiracy Industries : Yeah sure, this is actually the most important album for me personally that I have ever released. Releasing this marked the end of what was the most savage and emotional writers block I have ever had in my life. I know that every artist has writers block but the 18 months that it took me to pull this together was tough. I was going through some difficult things in my personal life and my music was the only real thing that kept me going. I nearly lost all hope so many times but now I am out the other side of it I can say that it was all worth it. That said I think you can really feel it in the album, all 10 tracks are going to slap you from left to right and top to bottom. It has a constant changing energy and direction and is full of surprises, kind of like the journey I had writing it.

Twist Online : Any particular track(s) off the Album that’s your favorite?
Conspiracy Industries :If I had to say one it would be Abandon Abasement. That track was a huge turning point for the whole album because I got to a point when that track nearly broke me mentally so I said fuck it and just bounced it down. From this I remembered that I don’t need to make music to please other people and decided just to release it exactly how I liked it, even though I know the track will be a little weird to most people I love it. Truth be told though I honestly take so much personally from each and every single track on the album. I guess it was because of how much each one of the tracks punished me to complete them.

Twist Online : Is there any reason or influence behind going for the name Conspiracy Industries ?
Conspiracy Industries :The name actually came from me and an old business partner, we had this crazy idea that we were going to create this “brand” that would be super successful in loads of different areas such as music, clothing, photography, video, art etc. It was a bit ambitious looking back now but at the time we were experiencing a growing success of our other company that I guess we just thought we could take over the world with any new idea! The name Conspiracy Industries simply suited our vision and backbone of the idea at the time. From then I started releasing music under the name and the rest was history. Fuck knows though, maybe Conspiracy will still end up like the original vision I had but for now I am just focusing on the music. I can’t change my artist name now but luckily for me I love the name so happy days! The name Conspiracy Industries does throw a lot of people at times because when they contact me they expect like a fucking entourage of people and I am always like “no, it’s just little old me” haha!


Twist Online : What do you enjoy more performing on stage or working in studios?
Conspiracy Industries :I am a studio whore without a doubt! There are these moments you have when you create something new and it gives you this crazy ball of excitement and the hairs on your neck go up and you think to yourself fuck…. I just came up with that! I don’t know, it’s that special moment for me that is like a drug. Despite my studio background I am a serious supporter of remote writing, for example I have had equally as many amazing moments like I just explained sat in my pants in a hotel with headphones on. I would happily say that it is just as satisfying with headphones than sat in a big “fancy” studio. As far as the live stuff goes it’s all a little unknown to me still, to start with I am by no means a great DJ. I am focusing on being a great producer and I guess when the time is right I will approach the live stuff more. I want my live shows to be special, truth be told it’s likely I will be the guy having the best time just because I love listening to my tracks through big systems!


Twist Online : It seems you trust in not limiting the music to any particular music genre?
Conspiracy Industries : No not in the slightest and why should I? This one genre only per artist thing is not for me. I have cut my teeth in production by working for a long time with artists from pretty much every genre and background. That helps me remain diverse which is good because I know I am in this for the long run. I honestly believe I will be producing music when I am a old man, still pushing boundaries, still just releasing the shit I like. Limiting myself now to a single genre would limit my possibilities in the future. The type of music fans who are single genres lovers who would criticise my type of versatility are never going to be true fans of mine anyway so I am not going to be changing my approach any time soon.


Twist Online : Are you working on any new project?
Conspiracy Industries : Wow, so so many! I don’t even know where to start, 2017 is already set to be pretty crazy for me and will be my most productive year yet. I have over 10 collaborations set up already with some amazing artists from all over the world. I have 2 further full length albums penciled out and for the tail end of the year I hope to finally approach the live stuff. I will be in LA for the whole of February working with various artists and some exciting new projects.


Twist Online : What’s the best way to follow you online?
Conspiracy Industries : I keep a pretty opinionated and personal blog on my website at, I try to update it all the time so anyone who actually is interested can have a full transparent insight into what I get up to on a weekly basis. I tend to chat a lot of shit on Twitter, I take loads of selfies on Instagram and I post funny shit on my Facebook page. So all the normal ways really. If people want to get information first and free stuff subscribe to my mailing list on my website.

All of Conspiracy Industries music is available on major streaming/download sites such as Apple Music, Spotify and SoundCloud.

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