An Exclusive Interview With Internationally Acclaimed Artist Ted Winslow

Today on our Hot Seat we have Ted Winslow who is internationally acclaimed for his pioneering work in research and development in sound healing and its positive effects on human energy field. He is a best selling recording artist, producer and composer with international following. Lets have a chat with him.

Twist Online : Our readers would like to know about start of your professional career.
Ted Winslow : I started my music career touring with Ashley X, an ‘80s Rock Band as a Bass Guitar player and vocalist. After earning my Bachelor of Science Degree as an Audio Engineer from the University of Colorado, I continued with composing, performing, and producing music but not as my full time career. In 2009 I opened my recording studio and my music career took off through my vocalist training and sound healing music. I am fortunate to have been recording and producing full time with an worldwide following.Over the past seven years, Solfeggio Sound Healing, from Earthly Frequencies” “Armonia, Solfeggio Sound Healing from Divine Frequencies”, “Angelic Sound Healing” & “Vocal Toning with the Angels”, “Vocalist Scales & Intervals”, “Love & Gratitude”, “Solfeggio Healing with the Fairies” Solfeggio Planetary Frequencies” and “Solfeggio Vocal Toning & Chakra Balancing” have all reached international bestsellers and I am very grateful to my fans who support me from over 21 different countries.

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to get into music industry?
Ted Winslow : Eddie Van Halen, Jimmy Page and Jeff Lynn were my biggest influences with my study of guitar and rock music from a young age. I remember when I was just eight years old listening to the album “Out of the Blue” by Electric Light Orchestra for hours on end. When I was in high school and college I followed all of the top musicians and bands throughout the genres of Rock, Jazz, and Classical. I just can never get enough of the different styles and techniques of musicians.


Twist Online : Tell us about your recent release ‘SOVEREIGNTY’?
Ted Winslow : This album, “Sovereignty” was inspired by my respect for Nicky Ryan, Producer and composer of Enya’s music. I was also receiving feedback from my worldwide fan base that they wanted more of my Solfeggio Frequency Technology in a faster more pop music sound. That was the style of the music paired with the current condition felt throughout the world, where humanity is desiring to be sovereign and free from oppression. So the healing frequencies I selected will unlock the energies to assist what we all would like, more freedom.

Sovereignty has a relaxed, uplifting feel with an elegance of sound providing you the feeling of freedom. This CD,MP3s have been specifically created to give you the experience of the music resonating within while entertaining your body into a balanced and peaceful state. This is the process of guiding your brainwave activity into a desired state by allowing it to follow, to “entertain”, to the frequency of an audio signal instrument to amplify the harmonic entertainment of your body assisting the body in it’s self-healing response

Twist Online : What kind of response you have received from the release?
Ted Winslow : I am very touched by the heartfelt response I have been receiving from my fans, and I have also been surprised how many new listeners who didn’t follow me before have found this music and are enjoying it.


Twist Online : What makes your music different from other music artists?
Ted Winslow : The fact that my music compositions are not only all tuned to the appropriate frequencies which are all related to a harmonic value and key signatures. I play every instrument and personally mix, master and produce all my albums to ensure the integrity of the frequencies with my proprietary SoundSyncTech system. I was the first in the Sound Healing/Binaural Beats niche that combined Alpha & Theta frequencies to provide a harmonic and organic resonance in the body when you listen. These harmonic frequencies make it easier for the body, mind and spirit to become relaxed and in balance; which facilitates an environment for a self-healing response.

Twist Online : Our readers would like to know a little more about healing through sound?
Ted Winslow : I believe changing the frequency of your body is the Ted Winslow, my work has been scientifically proven to change the environment, water, and human energy field in a positive way. You are the creator of your reality when you are in a harmonic frequency (i.e. law of attraction), this can be accomplished by listening to my sound healing music. When you listen to my music, it will take you into a combined Theta/Alpha brainwave state which entrains your body into peace and relaxation. Your body which is made up of over 70% water responds and entrains immediately to the healing frequencies.


When you change your frequency, you’re not only helping yourself, but you help those around you, and now this concept has been validated by science. Scientists in Germany have found that energy can be sent, absorbed, transferred, and exchanged between living things. These findings validate what people in the field of energy healing, eastern cultures, and shamans throughout the world have known for thousands of years. Blifernez-Kalassen with a team of scientists discovered that not only plant cells draw and exchange energy from other plants around them, but so can people.

Altering our state of consciousness in a relaxed and peaceful state has a positive effect on those around us; it has been proven with several studies based on the Maharishi Effect, states Ted. One study had taken place in 1993, when a group of people meditating spent eight weeks in Washington DC, where they reduced violent crime by 23%. At this time, we can help more people faster, by adding my frequency music to their everyday activities: playing it while they sleep, read, work, cook or relax. People don’t have to take a class or learn a special technique to reach that harmonic balanced state on their own, all they have to do is listen!

Twist Online : What are some of your top tracks for sound healing purpose?
Ted Winslow : One of my top sellers is Angelic Sound Healing which I give away for free as my gift to humanity. Just go to my website: & select the Angelic Sound Healing MP3 album, when you checkout apply coupon code: Radio and it will take your balance to -0- and you can download the entire album for free.


Some other top tracks are:
Love & Passion (528 Hz) from Solfeggio Sound Healing with Earthly Frequencies
Golden Consciousness (Sun 126 Hz) Solfeggio Sound Healing Planetary Frequencies
Queen of the Fairies (785 Hz)from Solfeggio Healing Frequencies with the Fairies
Peaceful Journey (432 Hz)from Love & Gratitude Solfeggio Frequencies

Twist Online : Do you set targets to achieve your goals?
Ted Winslow : Yes, I believe that when I set a target and a theme for my next album the inspiration and music just start flowing in. I could literally spend days in my recording studio without seeing the light of day if my wife and kids didn’t force me to come out! I love what I do in service to humanity through my music and I have so many more projects that I have planned than there is time in the day for!


Twist Online : Are you working on any new project?
Ted Winslow : Yes, currently I have three new projects in the works and I am really excited about them & they should be released end of 2017. I am holding off on promoting them while I am in the creative process but if anyone would like to find out more information, please sign up for my free newsletter on, I give my fans tons of free stuff!


Twist Online : What’s the best way to follow you online?
Ted Winslow : The best way would be to sign up for my free newsletter & check my blog for my recent radio & television appearances, there’s also videos with the scientific research on my music. For the social media crowd, follow me on twitter @tedwinslow or

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