Cap'n Richie interview

An Exclusive Interview with Multi-talented Cap’n Richie

In our interview section today, we have multi-talented Cap’n Richie with us. Let’s have a chat with him.

Twist Online : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers.
Cap’n Richie : My name is Richárd Richter a.k.a. Cap’n Richie ,I was born in Hungary, and I live in the Netherlands now.
I am a Producer, Writer and Founder of my label “High & Higher Company”. I’ve created 3 releases this year, one solo the “Instead of Words” and two with Odilia Carmen the “High & Higher Company Vol.1 & 2” , and I have lot of ideas for the Vol.3 already, which is my main project.  I started with Hungarian Underground Rap when I was 14, before I wrote Hungarian Poems since the age of 7-8 and some lyrics and acapellas. First I made shit beats for my acapellas, rather kind of soundtracks, because I had no own music & instrumentals, but you know later I was able to write a few good ones, and in 2010 I made my first Electronic music project, never released old stuff. Actually before in 2008 those musics were by me also electronic, but rather just beats, no wobbles , strong leads or serious synths. After when I was a bit better, I tried to rap english, but the results were not really the same as if i would rap on my language, (I learned German in the school) so I created that time pretty good tracks, but I had no Voice onto my music, So I think in 2014 I met with Odilia Carmen, and she started to sing onto my tracks. Our first song was the “On My Way” which was a Huge step for me, because finally I said, “Wow this shit is good!
We created something real.” One time it was Played on the BBC Essex, so I was like “wow, let’s do this! Someway our music gonna be popular later.”

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to get into music industry?
Cap’n Richie :

More things, artists, People, friends, concerts, shows in discos, meeting with celebrities, Video clips, some home-studio experiences, dancing, gurus ,marketers, businessmen, curators, muses,  my life…. and the whole thing to express myself someway, put my feelings into art, because I need to do something with these feelings.  When I was seven I got a starter flute, but I wanted to play Immediately Piano, it was not possible, so I do not started to play in the music school.
That was a bad decision by me, because like this I never went to music school.  I started to listen to music quite late when I was 9 years old, and I became a Linkin Park fan. (I’ve been on one show couple of years ago in Amsterdam by the way,
when Chester was among us yet.)
Later I saw and met personally with few rappers making beats, beatbox and rap in Hungary in our area. I started to go to break dance courses weekly as well when I was a child ,and do more activities which are Part of hip hop, for example: beatbox, graffity, drawing, and streetball.
I was writing many lyrics and acapellas that time, every day, and I used some starter producer programs. I had my first home-studio experience when I was 14,afternoon every Friday after school, we recorded my first rap verses. Later when I was 16 I flew to the Netherlands first time to work for months, and from that money I built up my first home-studio when I flew back to Hungary.

Twist Online : Tell us about your recent releases?
Cap’n Richie :

My album “instead of words” contains older tracks by me, than the songs with Odilia, just I got some inspiration, if I work a bit more on them and I put these tracks together, could be a small album, and luckily many people likes this. I wrote these songs between 2012-2014, nobody wanted to release them, till I was able to do so. Actually I sent these songs to Odilia, but later I wanted to keep them without Vocals. This release is a bit raw, but modern and you can hear some old school drum and bass elements inside the tracks, but I would say this is still not a typical drum and bass album, there is some Cap’n Richie thing in it.

The “High & Higher Company vol.1-2” has more songs in different electronic styles, because we agreed with Odilia, that all of our songs in the beginning will be different,
we wanted to try our abilities and leave many doors in opened state. All of the songs has some simple meanings, easily acceptable positive messages. My music was pretty heavy before I started to work with Odilia, kind of Dubstep and Drumstep, so I wanted to create something which could be more popular “pop-ish”, some Lighter stuff for the Ears.

Twist Online : What kind of response you have received from the release?
Cap’n Richie :

I got huge feedbacks! More than enough to know ,that I need to go on with this, whatever it takes.  I need to learn and grow as quickly as possible.

Twist Online : What attracts you more, performing on stage or working in studios?
Cap’n Richie :

Working in studios. That’s my favorite, to work in “other dimensions”. I wasn’t on the stage as a performer,  my time is not here yet in this case. I was rapping front of few people in the studio, on the streets, school etc.
One time when I was a child we performed one song on stage “rapper gangsters”. It was like a joke, but history. I had no time to learn every positions in the music industry, but  I am thinking on it what should I bring onto the stage, probably some DJ stuff. I don’t have enough music materials for longer shows,  I learned alone mostly, In the start without any knowledge on another language with programs and studio devices, electronic instruments, midi pads. So for me took more time, because it can be really heavy to learn alone, and become a professional. Actually I would be happy If I could write soundtracks in the Studio just, I  like that Idea too. I don’t know surely if I going to perform ever, but probably yes. I am open minded for many things, until I can write.

Twist Online : It seems you love writing? Do you need some particular kind of environment for writing tracks?
Cap’n Richie :

Actually I need, but I learned to write also just with a laptop wherever I am. Of course If I feel like a king and my devices are around me on a big desk, with nice room, or studio that’s much better, a place called “Zen”. I had 4 home-studios, 2 bigger 2 smaller, and I tried to build them, as nice as possible. But sometimes If the life is just happening around you, so If i am out with a laptop and a headphone In a park, or anywhere else, then there the lights, colors, people, can give a very inspiring feeling to create something new, without studio, but of course, better if I can use my electronic piano as well, because on a laptop that’s not the same feeling, maybe the results neither. I gonna buy some smaller sized USB devices for these cases.

Twist Online : Have you set some goals to achieve?
Cap’n Richie :

I have big goals, in and outside the music industry, but let’s talk about music just.
First of all more albums, again on brand new level. I want to learn and grow.
I want to show my music to the whole world, I planned more video clips as well.
I want to work with more artists, build up my label properly on demanding level, see my name featured next to my favorite artists, like Tip Harris. I would like to build up my career, and a professional studio from wooden or wooden effect materials and/or stones,  because I like the touch of the nature.
My goal is the Billboard, doesn’t matter how it sounds, and a Grammy. Why not?
I can live without these awards, and do my thing as a happy person, artist, but still, why not?
Now The Point is for me, to make the new albums till next summer and become as popular as possible,maybe get some new collabs.

Outside the music, I want to become a better, more serious person, who is useful for our Earth/World.

Twist Online : Are you working on any new project?
Cap’n Richie :

Currently I am working on a remix, but after this song I will get back to the Original Tracks. I have more new projects, Solo & with Odilia Carmen, but as anytime before, I tryna put something innovative and creative front of People, so this gonna take more
time. I would say, I will release this year one more track, which gonna be my first released remix, and after I put  together the small albums. After the “Something Else” track, I need to be very smart, because I got many great feedbacks for this song, and I should write something on a higher level again. I’ll be back in summer (2019) with the new albums,on iTunes, Spotify etc. as before, but I want to create more complex and better projects.


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