An exclusive interview with Seraphim of Nazareth

We recently got an opportunity to interview Seraphim of Nazareth, a talented music artist and a well-known independent film director. Sharing the conversation here with our readers.

Twist Online: First of all tell our readers about the start of your music career.
Seraphim: The start of my music career came about because of my love for literature, my speaking impediment, and broken relationships… even as a little girl one of my first songs I wrote was called “Sign This Note Sincerely” it was of course about a teenage heartbreak. My speech impediment at that time kept me from others, because I could not complete a full sentence or word, I become very anti-social and an introvert in society…
I was mocked because I was different, this led me to create a world of my own to communicate in… as I started to be more creative through literature and writing, it became easier for me to explain my emotions, my feelings and my thoughts more, the odd thing is I don’t have an exact memory of when my speaking impediment went away…
I just stop thinking about it and realized one day that I no longer stuttered, so now I have all of this writing material to put to song, and this brings about my first album “Mute Malevolence” (Silent Hatred) it was more of an Industrial Experimental Goth album, my artist name was Sariah Bishop during this time, I started out in music in the underground gothic scene and genre, and this introduced me to some amazing artist like Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, Gene Simmons of KISS, Glenn Danzig of Misfits, and Madonna Wayne Gacy of Marilyn Manson, just to name a few… I am now on my third album and am currently working with Jason Charles Miller of Godhead on my new album “Chaos and Innocence” and from this project the first released single will be “You Never Loved Me” followed by “You’re My Biggest Mistake” and “Make-Up”


Twist Online: You recently announced that you will be the front-woman of a new band Deliver Me Up. We would like to know more about this?
Seraphim: Yes I am, I began as a solo music artist and when I went on stage It was more about my creative ambience that accompanied me think a dark Katy Perry mixed with extreme Voodoo, when I performed in the past I shared bandmates with another band, I am a rocker chic and a tom boy, so it was only a matter of time before I’d be like the boys and rock the stage out, if they can smash guitars and kick over keyboards.. so can I! My first tour will be called “Soul In Tacked” after a series of music festivals that I would like to be a part of this year 2017!


Twist Online: Tell us about your upcoming Album “Chaos and Innocence”. It will be released under your band or as your individual Album?
Seraphim : “Chaos and Innocence” will be released under both… Seraphim Of Nazareth, “Deliver Me Up” it’s an emotional raw roller coaster of afflictions and conflictions of self, coming to the realization that it’s okay to be different and to be you, I could never be what someone else wanted me to be whether it was an relationship or an suggested advice… all I know is “You Never Loved Me” and you are “My Biggest Mistake” and we will never “Make Up”!


Twist Online: “You Never Loved Me” is your debut single. What was the inspiration behind this track?
Seraphim: My inspiration behind “You Never Loved Me” is the unknown mystery of “The Ancient Of Days” and “Fifth Element Yeshu’a”… I have had mixed feelings, wondering why I was left alone in my darkest hour and why They returned… it’s not a religious track as you would expect it to be as in my spiritual beliefs being of Creole heritage compels me to search out that which is God and of God…. I am of course the “I AM” artist an alternative rocker chic who came up from the gothic underground scene while singing in the church choir. (Amen)


Twist Online: You have released 3 tracks so far, which one got the best response?
Seraphim: Actually the first track off of my new album “Chaos and Innocence” is “You Never Loved Me” followed by the two tracks “You’re My Biggest Mistake” and “Make-Up” which is set for release this Spring, “You Never Loved Me” is currently hitting radio stations around the world, so it’s a bit too early to see the full results.
Twist Online: What’s your favorite music genre?
Seraphim: I am the type of music artist who finds odd things in weird places and not knowing how It came about, but in this I take along with me the best elements that was offered… so I would have to say, the Industrial Goth genre and the Christ Rock genre.


Twist Online : Are you inspired by someone in the music industry?
Seraphim : I have been given some of the greatest advice from some of music’s most respected artists, like Trent Reznor and Gene Simmons on pointers of live performing to music publishing direction, to lyric reconstruction, to the visuals that makes it all happen, and the importance of owning your trademark, your material and all of your music tracks, in which I was very much inspired.
Seraphim of Nazareth
Twist Online: Have you set some target to achieve?
Seraphim: Yes I have.. I have set a target toward my “Soul In Tacked” World Wide Tour, my Branding Business goals, my Charity goals to give back and help others, my Beauty Brand goals of my make-up line, etc. I have a lot to achieve as my imagination of creativity is endless!


Twist Online : You are also an independent film director. Tell us about some of your recent work?
Seraphim : We are now in casting for my new film “Unholywood” it’s an original occult thriller about young run-aways in Hollywood, the underground version of Hollywood that’s not really commercialized or talked about, we have casted most of the leads for the film and now are doing casting for more of the bit parts and co-star parts, which you can follow on Sin Icon Motion Pictures website, after Unholywood, the next film projects will be “Crimson Cain” and “Complete The Circle Of Light… I Am One Of THEM” both in series format and episodes, do to the continuum nature of these films.


Twist Online: What’s more interesting, directing or music?
Seraphim: I like them both equally, I like the creativity of creating a world or a momentary reality by directing, for the audience to escape to, bringing them into my world, my mind, my reality of a nature, seeing dimensions through my eyes. Music is a more personal journey for me as it brings the listener into some of my most vulnerable and private moments which makes this quite interesting since I am usually completely silent about my personal life.

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