An Exclusive Interview With Singer and Songwriter Julian Kelly

Julian Kelly is a popular American singer and songwriter. She has worked as a lyricist for an impressive roster of mainstream artists and is best known for her melodic ballads and powerhouse vocals. She has been featured on the cover of All Indie Magazine, The Lizzy T Show in Canada, and has appeared on the radio show On the Air With Sir ( the host of BET’s show 106 & Park). Her last album “The Family Reject” sold thousands of copies worldwide.

We recently got an opportunity to have a conversation with her.

Twist Online : First of all please tell us about the start of your music career?
Julian Kelly : I became a professional musician at the age of 12 when I was signed to a well-known record label to create test recordings of songs for other artists. Aside from that, I was always musical. I learned to play the piano fluently at a young age, and used music as an outlet for all that troubled me and brought me joy. Music is my first language, and the language of my heart.

Twist Online : You have written so many melodious tracks for a number of artist. What’s the best one so far?
Julian Kelly : The best one is for myself! I am so so proud of the song “Christmas Love” from my holiday album. I’m also really proud of my next album, which should be released in April of next year.

Twist Online : Your last Album ‘The Family Reject’ proved to be hit. You must be very happy with the response?
Julian Kelly : I am. I am so so grateful to everyone who helped to make that album a success. I’m particularly grateful for my husband Charlie Coppola, my cousin Manuela Mahler, my dear friend Angela Grissolm, Tiffiney Baker, Jacob Thomas, Alana Karsch. The people who love and surround me made this possible, as did every single person to bought the album or listened to the music. I have the most amazing Facebook community! I’m so grateful!

Twist Online : What’s the biggest achievement in your career so far?
Julian Kelly : Recording The Family Reject and touring nationally as one of the headliners for Songs from the Soul was a dream come true. I had so much fun starring in the Pindar Films movie The Devil’s Courthouse…it’s hard to pick. Life has been good to me! I’ve been really blessed.

Twist Online : You need some certain environment for writing a song?
Julian Kelly : I need a certain level of quiet and I need to be in an introspective mood. It’s better if I’m alone and feel like I can experiment with different sounds in an environment that is free from judgment.

Twist Online : Are you inspired of someone in the music industry?
Julian Kelly : Yes. I’m inspired by other artists on a daily basis. Mariah Carey has always been a huge inspiration for me, as well as Tracy Chapman, John Lennon, and Joni Mitchell. Joni Mitchell and Mariah Carey are probably my favorite artists of all time. I also really respect and admire Adele.

Twist Online : You appeared in magazine, tv show and also a radio show. Tell us about your experience?
Julian Kelly : I think that being in the limelight is just a part of this field. I’m flattered that people find my life so interesting and so I do my best to create music and inspire the next generation.

Twist Online : Are you working on any new projects?
Julian Kelly : Right now, my focus is on my album Christmas Love. In a few months, I’ll be focused on my new album! Music is such a beautiful thing.

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