An inspiring story of Freezzy’s Sky Burg Records

Herlens Suffrin A.K.A Freezzy Brickz had deep passion for music since teenage. That passion along with hardships he faced in his practical life motivated him to launch Sky Burg Records, a record label company  based in Miami, Florida. As he faced tough time entering music industry, found no one backing up, so he being a kind hearted person launched this label as first step towards helping the young artists. Sky Berg Records creates opportunities and helpful environment for the young artist to flourish.

While the record label industry is an incredibly competitive environment, Sky Burg Records has managed to post consistent growth as a full-service music management and publishing company. So far a number of talented artists have been launched by this label. Full credit goes to label’s owner and founder Freezzy.

Freezzy graduated from Broward College in Davie, Florida with a degree in Music Technology and Copyright. While attending school he met a music producer named Whosane. They joined forces and started booking studio time in Miami to work hands on with indie artists. With this experience Freezzy perfected his many talents. During one pivotal studio session, Freezzy connected with an artist that was seeking management. The business man then went to his lawyer to get all the necessary paperwork completed to function as a a Talent Manager as well as the founder of his current label, Sky Burg Records.

During the start of the label, solo artists Bad Azz Boon and Cerebru were the first signees.  Sky Burg Records currently has a  highly talented signee that goes by the name of Nova Loosecanon. Freezzy also signed a music producer to the independent label. Freezzy is very passionate about what he does and takes his position very seriously. What he looks for in new talent is being creatively gifted with an organic fan base.   

Sky Burg Records is best known for its professionalism and providing the best environment for artists to reach their career goals. Stay tuned for much more to come!

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