An interview with 95 South Band

We are sharing our recent interview with 95 South. They started as a Miami bass group of Article “AB” Bartley, Carlos “Daddy Black” Spencer and Jay “Ski” McGowan from Jacksonville, Florida. The group’s name is a reference to Interstate 95, which passes through the city. Today, 95 South is a duo composed of Mike Mike (Michael Phillips) and Daddy Black (Carlos Spencer).

What was the inspiration behind starting 95 South?

Inspiration behind the group was wanting to represent the Florida sound at that time and what was that? Sun,bikinis and rocking the party. We adopted the name of the interstate that ran through our city Jacksonville,Fl.

Our readers would like to know about the group members and their roles in the group?

Daddy Black: Well Mike is my big brother. We have the same blood in our veins so, it just works and besides I’m one of his biggest fans.. My role at this point is owner of the brand, writer and producer.
Mike Mike: I’m the more of the funny stage guy. I love the studio, but I’m a clown on stage! And we met years ago. Actually, I knew Daddy Black’s mother when she was pregnant with him, Lol

Tell us about your recent project?

95 south is recording a live album entitled ” 95Live”. It has always been a dream of mine to perform the hits with live instruments and it is an amazing feeling. Also shooting videos for our new singles “Ridin in my Chevy” and After Party”. They both are definite club bangers! And be on the lookout for our documentary called “Beyond the Bass”. Following the group as we tour as well as a look into our origins and the people who pioneered our sound.

What kind of response you have received from the release

We always get a great response. You can’t help but move to the mellow guitar with a Latin feel, they just love it.

What attracts you more, performing on stage or working in studios?

We love the studio period! We love to create. That’s where the magic happens and we have a personal project called ” Black Licorice” that will change the course of my musical future. Being that were members of the Recording Academy, we will be submitting both “95 live” and “Black Licorice” for a Grammy nom.


What’s your favorite music genre?

Daddy Black: Reggae, Soul and Drum ‘n’ Bass.
Mike Mike: 90’s hip hop and R&B

Twist Online: Have you set some goals to achieve?

Our goals for 2018 is a world tour a platinum album and a Grammy! I can see it!

Twist Online: Of all your hits, which do you like performing most and why?

Daddy Black: “Whoot there it is! That’s the one that put us all on so it takes me right back to spring break ’93 every time so it’s a good feeling each and every time.
Mike Mike: Rodeo! Cool song and the crowd really gets into it!


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