An Interview with a talented artist and passionate performer Spazzo Cle

We recently interviewed an up and coming artist ‘Spazzo Cle’ . He has recently released an EP ‘Comfort Zone ‘ that has got good response from his fans.

Twist Online : Please introduce yourself to our readers.
Spazzo Cle : My name is Spazzo Cle, and I’m a local award winning weirdo from Cleveland, Ohio…oh, and I rap too haha.

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to get into music industry?
Spazzo Cle : Actually, it was a who and a what. Eminem was the main key to even getting interested in rap music years ago. After I got introduced to Hip-Hop, I studied my cities local music and I wanted to be apart of the scene. So I dived in hoping to gain local exposure. Which I finally have, so…that inspiration kinda turned into a  realization.

Twist Online : Tell us about your recently released EP ‘Comfort Zone’?
Spazzo Cle : Comfort Zone was a project I made in my home studio. I was in a bad way for a while, and kind of backed away from music for about a month, and nobody even noticed haha. But, after I felt like I was losing my wave, I sat and listened to beats for about  2 days straight. Messed around, wrote and recorded 5 whole songs in 2 days. It was probably the most comfortable I’ve been in years  working on music. Just me, my space, marijuanna and no interruptions.

Twist Online : What kind of response your EP has received?
Spazzo Cle : NOTHING BUT HEART EMOJIS! I’m so grateful to my fans and supporters. It’s been a little feedback and constructive criticism. But nothing negative at all. Everyone’s enjoying it so much, I decided to make a Deluxe Edition. 3,000 plays so far. Let’s see how
far this goes.

Twist Online : Tell us about your experience at The Apollo Theaters Amateur Night?
Spazzo Cle : Unforgettable. I was 1 of a small few out of 300 people who were invited back to The Apollo in 2016-17. But those judges are beyond hardcore yo, like they cut people off 15 to 30 seconds into auditions. Only about 5 artist got to experience the full audition. Remind you, we had 1 minute to audition. Crazy right?! ONLY 5 of us got to audition the full minute, and I was blessed enough to get my full moment. Craaazy experience.

Twist Online : You have performed at so many venues. What’s your best performance so far?
Spazzo Cle : My best…probably my first show in New Castle, PA. I was standing and jumping on speakers and shit. Sitting on 8 Ft. ladders performing poetic cuts, even when security told us to get down…well, told me to get down. Hahaha, that shit was lit.


Twist Online : Have you set some goals to achieve as a music artist?
Spazzo Cle : Of Course. Make sure my momma never has to stress or frown again, and make sure my team and my family don’t gotta starve or work anymore unless they’re working for me…which is the dream job in my opinion, hahaha. Unless you don’t like crowd surfing, pools, meeting celebrities and road tripping on a daily, come work for me when it’s time. Hahaha

Twist Online : Are you working on any new project?
Spazzo Cle : Not at the moment. Right now I’m trying to further my knowledge on marketing, so I can take my music to a whole new level that other locals aren’t taking it. I’m working on a few videos also, but that’s all I can give ya right now. Just know BIG BIG things are in the works.

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