An interview with multi-talented artist Aastik Koshy

Today in our interview section we have a multi-talented artist from India Aastik Koshy. Born in a music and art oriented family. His home was a melting pot of art and culture. He was born in 1993 to a renowned classical dancer mother and photographer flautist father. The synthesiser was his instrument of choice and he created his own electronic compositions from an early age. He kept on exploring and discovering different genres. Once he graduated with a degree in Sound Engineering it opened the doors of his music company Turquoise Sound Pvt.Ltd (TSC). Would like to know more about him? Checkout the interview we just had with him.

Twist Online : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers.
Aastik Koshy : I’m a music producer,composer,engineer and sound design artist. I operate my company Turquoise Sound and it’s sub-label Blue Magic Records, to produce multiple projects facilitating different ideas and experiments that interest me. I also collaborate with artists across the spectrum.

Twist Online : Belonging to a musician family itself is a big inspiration. Any particular person who inspires you?
Aastik Koshy : Coming from an artists’ background influenced my perception of world music and  opened my eyes to different lifestyles and outlooks.I find inspiration in everything,  nature in particular, and the idea of a life closer to the energy of plants . I’m more in sync with the environment which is  a defining vibe and motivation to constantly enrich my life .
I also find inspiration in all music and sound in general and dont limit myself to a single stream or block of expression.

Twist Online : You are releasing your solo experimental album ANTIGRAVITY 1. Tell us more about that ?
Aastik Koshy : Antigravity (I-VII),coming up soon on my BMR label,is a mix of experimental music in the ambient realm, and a mix of live synthesiser sessions in my studio at night,experiments in sound, and a few moments of cool blue magic!
The music was spontaneous,momentous, and totally vibrant in approach to this album.

Twist Online : What kind of response you have received from your previous release Audiolounge – 1.0. ?
Aastik Koshy : AudioLounge 1.0 is a chillout/lounge album with hints of world influences,and collaborations with artists over a period of six months.Recorded in bursts of incredible creative and energetic spontaneous sessions,this album just clicked into place.The general response is very positive and I have now Audio Lounge 2.0 to be released soon on my turquoise sound label,featuring immensely talented guests.

Twist Online : What attracts you more, performing on stage or working in studios?
Aastik Koshy : I consider myself a studio producer and work best when I have the time to focus on my material and produce the best results I can.The feeling of working on music with different minds  in the studio, the luxury of having the opportunity  to follow my varied interests and develop my Self and skill sets,is a constant process of evolution as an artist.Currently,my new studio setup is  on a beautiful organic farm with mangroves leading to a river. This is where I breathe music.

Twist Online : How much your has degree in music had on your music skills ?
Aastik Koshy : I have a degree in Sound engineering and my musical abilities are innate.I revel in musical freedom and love the process of discovering new styles and ideas constantly. For years,i have had the good fortune of working and interacting with some of the best musicians from Indian classical fusion to jazz and electronic. These interactions have taught me a lot in regard to the technicalities of music in incredible ways.My approach to learning new concepts and ideas musically have always been offbeat,and in a way that’s what keeps me in the loop of constant learning and knowledge.

Twist Online : What made you launch your own label Turquoise Sound Pvt.Ltd ?
Aastik Koshy : A combination of my interests in business and my absolute love and dedication to music.Turquoise sound is my platform  to release musical projects and have control over my material and the release process in a structured way. I have several new releases coming up. Some of them are are ‘Saraswati Lounge 1’ and ‘AudioLounge 2.0′.
Blue Magic Records,my sub-label follows it’s own aesthetic route with different styles of ambient and electronic music. It’s new releases feature InternalEye-A garden Of Stars’ and my album ‘ Antigravity’. Amongst others in production, I also have two new albums,Aastik koshy -Seasons and Inhabited Stars-Journey I-VI.

Twist Online : What are your next goals to achieve?
Aastik Koshy : My goals steer towards development and learning in the fields I’m interested in, and seeing progression. Harvesting a better mind,body and greater positive energy in every aware moment through music .  I would like to thank all the people who support my vision and work!

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