An Interview with Producer, Composer and VDJ ‘JUANJO ANDÚJAR’

Sharing here our recent conversation with ‘JUANJO ANDÚJAR’, a very talented Producer, Composer and VDJ .

Twist Online: First of all tell us about the start of your music career?
JUANJO ANDÚJAR: I started very young to learn music in a self-taught way and with 12 ó 13 years I started composing my first songs, in Almería (Spain), where I was born. Later on I had the opportunity to expand my knowledge in a more academic way.

Twist Online: You are a composer, producer and VDJ, which do you prefer of the three?
JUANJO ANDÚJAR: I stay with composer. Through the songs I can express what I think what I feel, what I invent, my emotions, my dreams,… And also with VDJ, especially the previous work, the realization of the music videos that is another of my great passions.

Twist Online: When did you decide to change your style, and produce electronic music?
JUANJO ANDÚJAR: It was a short time ago, about three years. I had written many songs in Spanish, and some of them had been performed by other singers, but it was always my desire to be able to get directly to the public, with my name, something that some DJs do. And that’s when I met David Saludes who is currently one of the best European DJs and producers and with his help I decided to change my style and to break into the world of electronic music in English.

Twist Online: You have achieved a TOP 1 sales worldwide with your recent track NUMBER 1, where is the secret of your success?
JUANJO ANDÚJAR: Although it sounds as a cliché, I don´t think anyone knows the secret to success in the music world. Perhaps the fact that “Number One” tells the story that we have all dreamed of, to leave everything to fight for our dreams and to be number one in the world. In the music video I’ve made is what I’ve tried to tell, the story of a girl who leaves her house, her family, her city with the only illusion of to be number one and finally gets it.

Twist Online: Tell us about your recent projects?
JUANJO ANDÚJAR: Recently we released the remixes of “They Say In Paris”, which entered the Top 50 sales and which is a subject that I have special affection for my relationship with the city of Paris. And in this moment we are with the promotion of “Number One“, the last single we just released.


Twist Online: Being a Top 1 is very difficult, you have a lot of responsibility on your next album?
JUANJO ANDÚJAR: Yes, it is not easy to reach the number one and much less at the moment, where the competition is much greater, since it is very easy release new songs, but very difficult achieve that the public listens to them. In the next releases the responsibility will be much greater, both for me and for the entire team of professionals who are working on the production of the songs. Without doubt the expectations will be greater and we will also demand much more ourselves.

Twist Online: What’s your favorite music genre?
JUANJO ANDÚJAR: Although my last songs we could frame them inside the “house”, I don´t have a favorite music genre, the important thing is that my songs reach the people and may make them theirs. The CD will include songs from different music genres. What I do not renounce is to give a great importance to the lyrics within the songs, just as it is done in pop music, probably due to my beginnings inside the music.

Twist Online: What’s your next target to achieve?
JUANJO ANDÚJAR: I don´t have a specific target. That my songs can be heard, and when they sound in a session people don´t stop dancing.

Twist Online: Are you working on any new project?
JUANJO ANDÚJAR: I´m finishing the production of a CD with some of the many songs I’ve composed and which I hope will be released at the end of the year. In the same I have been lucky that they collaborate outstanding American and European singers, and I´m also making music videos for each and every one of the songs.

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