Attxla releases a new album titled Ebb

Attxla a singer/songwriter/producer based in Houston, TX has recently released a new album titled Ebb. His sound combines elements of Pop, R&B, Electronic, and Ambient music to create a unique sound that allows listeners to form a deep, personal connection with Attxla’s longing, inquiring, lovesick mind.

The element of versatility is prominent in his music. You can say he has his own genre. His first single debuted in 2018 and his current project, a full-length album entitled “Ebb” is available on Spotify and other music platforms.

And this album is surely a prove how much he has improved within a year. Definitely his natural talent is coming out nicely with each release. Who knows what kind of effects his next release will have.

For further music and updates you can follow Attxla on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, and listen to his music on Spotify.

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