“BADD NEWZ” the next hip hop star!

The summer is slowly creeping upon us and everyone is in argument about who’s music is about to run the climaxed season, but hip hop phenomenon “BADD NEWZ” is definitely on time to make himself a front runner towards that question! Presently established in Phenix City, AL, this southern native has expanded his roots to become part of everyone’s conversation for bringing a lot of today’s best music by an indie artist. His connections throughout the years has landed him quite a few places where he is recognized and welcomed to always perform his modern diversified flow. His audience is expected to expand tremendously with new features and mega publicizing that’s sure to capture new fans worldwide. With new itineraries lining up for these warmer months and bookings that are coming nonstop, the future of influence is beyond bright BADD NEWZ. There will be certain announcements made public in the near future about his endorsing companies and upcoming tours. BADD NEWZ is without a doubt a bonefied work-a-holic when it comes to his craft of music, so expect a ton of surprises for 2019!

Media links


YOUTube https://youtu.be/9loMJQAjlQs @BADDNEWZ334

Albums titled THREAT2SOCIETY AND Threat2DaIndustry and both are available on all music platorms


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