Benefits of Zoom Music Lessons – From Real Life to Online

During the ongoing pandemic of the Coronavirus, everyone’s top priority has been to isolate themselves so that the spread of the disease is under control. A common practice amongst individuals these days known as social distancing is being implemented all around the globe. This act creates space between individuals, and by staying away from others, the people at high risk of contamination with the infection are less inclined to spread it. 

The infection principally spreads when somebody inhales, talks, coughs, or sneezes, which sends little beads into the air. As a result, individuals standing close by can get these beads in their eyes, nose, or mouth, or they can inhale them resulting in them contracting the virus. Additionally, when there is a gap of 6 feet between individuals, these beads are bound to fall onto the ground instead of on others. 

However, given the circumstances, it has been a great challenge to successfully perform social distancing in every aspect of our daily life. Events like sports matches occur without audiences, concerts are no longer happening, flights from one country to the other have stopped, offices and schools have shifted to online meetings, and almost all outdoor recreational activities have been ended. 

Online Platforms 

Platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Classroom have had a huge growth in popularity because almost every activity is being conducted on these platforms. 

Zoom is a cloud-based application that permits you to set up virtual video and sound conferencing, online classes, live talks, screen-sharing, and other community meetings. 

With Zoom being the most popular application, users have increased from 10 million in December of 2019 to over 200 million in March of 2020.

Considering the COVID-19 emergency, Zoom’s video conferencing application has become the norm for interfacing with others for all intents and purposes in both business and individual settings. Online classes for students, work meetings for adults, catching up with friends and family are all done through Zoom. 

With many individuals compelled to remain at home to help stop the spread of COVID-19, many have discovered inventive approaches to remain social through online methods essentially.

Zoom for Music Lessons

Similarly, the Zoom application is under use by children to continue all their extracurricular activities. Kids of all ages have been taking advantage of the video calling application and attending classes virtually. Zoom is beneficial for music lessons, cooking classes, arts and crafts tutorials with teachers, speech therapy sessions, yoga exercises, and many more. 

Students get encouraged to turn on their video cameras and microphones to engage with everyone in the meeting and additionally share their talent. 

For Zoom music lessons, students get explained how to use the application to its ultimate capability to enhance the audio quality. 

Increasing the Quality of Sound for Music Lessons 

In case you’re a music teacher or student, the main thing you can do to improve your sound is to put your money towards buying a generally good microphone. This is because the underlying mic in your laptop or computer has exceptionally low sound quality, particularly for playing music live over the web. 

Incorporated into Zoom is a sound upgrade option that lessens external commotion, decreases echo, and uses a specific sound code that so implied more for spoken voice as opposed to the dynamic idea of music. This component is always turned on, and although it is great for customary video calls, it negatively influences the nature of a musical instrument’s sound over the Zoom call. 

So, to improve the quality of sound for your child’s Zoom music lesson, the two principal settings you need to change are: 

1) Stop the sound upgrades to safeguard the original sound of the microphone. 

2) Disable the programmed volume control so that the music changes come through. 

When you have done all of this, your children music lessons’ sound quality will be significantly higher. As a result, this will help them enjoy their class more and depict their talent to their teacher and classmates more accurately. 

Benefits of Online Music Classes

Now that you have learned how to enhance the music experience on a virtual platform, here are some benefits of attending Zoom Music Lessons

  • Learn any kind of musical instruments such as the piano, guitar, trumpet, violin, or drums from the comfort of your own home from any electronic device. 
  • Through the Zoom platform, you can get individual attention from your teachers and truly focus on learning your chosen instrument. 
  • There is no hassle of waiting for your parent or guardian to drop you at your class; instead, all it takes is turning on your computer and conveniently attending your session. 
  • It is a great extracurricular activity for you to participate in and keep your mind and body engaged in something productive.
  • During this pandemic, children will experience a sort of normalcy as they will be continuing in all the activities they participated in before the pandemic and the strict rule of social distancing.
  • It is a safe environment for kids as no outsiders can join the meetings since video calls can be password protected on the application. 
  • A plus point would also be that you would be maintaining social distance and staying safe from the virus.

Everyone must maintain social distancing during these unusual times. However, with the help of Zoom and other video conferencing platforms, everyone can participate in the new normal of conducting everything online. It helps people continue their daily life activities and engage in new activities to keep their minds active. 

Final Thoughts

Shifting music lessons online is a step in the right direction as children can continue pursuing their passion. The platform allows multiple students to be in one meeting and the record options allow children to look back if they missed something. 

The platform is worth learning for teachers to keep up with the idea of everything being online as it has proven to be extremely beneficial. 

Thank you for reading!

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