BlackLight comes up with another exciting track ‘Knew U Would Come Back ‘

BlackLight Takes Listeners On A Sonic, Melodic Journey With New Progressive House Hit “Knew U Would Come Back”

Delivering unparalleled progressive house delicacies from the studio, Omaha Nebraska-based artist BlackLight brings to dance floors what one can only describe as a melodic, uplifting sonic journey. Continuing on an upward trend of releases, BlackLight releases his mesmerizing progressive house single, “Knew U Would Come Back.” The progressive house single delivers feel-good vibes from the press of play as its playful and motivating melody combined with the razor-cutting bassline will guide your body with groove.

The release evokes dynamic energy that will captivate progressive house devotees and DJs alike. With a distinct sound and stylistic stance, BlackLight is set to carve his own artistic lane. Paving his road with unique club-friendly arrangements, sneaky propelling basslines, and atmospheric vocal cuts, it’s without a doubt the future is bright on this artist’s radar. This release is a testament to BlackLight’s evolving sound and versatility. Charting at #2 on’s Progressive House Chart for February, “Knew U Would Come Back” is out now on all digital streaming platforms.

If you haven’t got an opportunity of listening to this talented artist. Here is a short introduction of the artist for you. BlackLight is an upcoming electronic dance music producer, songwriter, and performer based out of Omaha, Nebraska that has an insatiable passion for creating and performing all types of electronic dance music. He goes under the artist name BlackLight, is an avid dancer and lover of good vibes, and approaches songwriting, producing, and performing from this perspective.

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