Bob Henley III Talks About His Music Journey

Bob Henley III, a talented and very experienced music artist. We recently had an opportunity to interview him about his life and music journey. It was a very interesting conversation. So we are sharing it here with our readers.

Twist Online : First of all please tell us about the start of your music journey?
Bob Henley III : The start of my music journey began in the church, singing Gospel in the choir at the church I grew up in, which was located in Chicago, Illinois, where I was born. From there, in High School I began to branch out singing in various groups exploring R&B music, singing songs from one of my favorite groups, The Temptations.

Twist Online : Out of your long music journey what’s been your best part ?
Bob Henley III : The best part of my musical journey has been meeting and working with the various singers and musicians IÕve met along the way and the wonderful places i’ve been in my life all over the world.

Twist Online : Tell us about your recent Album “Love’s Having a Party!” ?
Bob Henley III : It has been a journey putting my album “Love’s Having A Party” together and indeed a labor of love. It reflects the idea of love as we engage in it in everyday life. Love is oh so exciting and as we enter into it, it is like a wonderful party!

Twist Online : What’s the inspiration behind the track ‘I’m Living Tonight’, I really enjoyed this song from your Album.
Bob Henley III : The inspiration for ÔIÕm Living TonightÕ stems from life experience. It’s about the time in my life that I realized that I was the one who had to take control of my life affairs and take a stand and throw caution to the wind, letting my feelings be known to the one I love!!!

Twist Online : You have toured around the world with different bands and artist. What will you rate as your best touring experience?
Bob Henley III : My best touring experience was when I toured with the legendary Smokey Robinson. We toured the world doing what we loved to do, and that’s performing the music our fans loved everywhere we went. Being able to do what you love and make a living is a wonderful thing.

Twist Online : You have also made appearances in popular TV shoes and movies. Our readers would like to know about that.
Bob Henley III : The acting side of me started with me doing plays and musicals. One of my great experiences was when I began doing extra work and appeared in the movie,
ÔComing to America.Õ I’ve also done several late night TV shows performing with Smokey Robinson and appearing on the TV series, PASSIONS, with my brother and sister in a Christmas special where some of our original songs were used.

Twist Online : You have been a consistent performer throughout your career. What’s the secret of your consistency ?
Bob Henley III : The secret to consistency throughout my career has been hard work on perfecting my craft and pursuing each and every opportunity that became available to me. Sometimes being in the right place at the right time didn’t hurt either, but those opportunities would not have worked for me if I had not been well versed in what I do as a singer and musician.
Twist Online : Do you have any projects coming up in near future?
Bob Henley III :  Yes. First there is the continuing promotion of “Love’s Having A Party.Ó I also have some pending writing for some musicals in the near future and I am working on my own tour for 2017. I currently perform as frontman for a R&B Motown group called The Blue Breeze Band. I will also continue writing songs for my next album and for other artists as well.

Twist Online : What’s the best way to follow you online?
Bob Henley III : The best way to follow me online is through my website,, on Facebook where I also have a CD release page and Twitter @Rhenleyiii.
You can download my album on Amazon, iTunes, ReverbNation, and CDBaby, and it is streaming on YouTube and Spotify.

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