Bob Pepek is back with “Pratfalls and Curtain Calls”

Bob Pepek is talented singer and songwriter from Connecticut, USA. Bob started at local small coffee shops and gradually ascended to playing opening gigs for national acts that include Amie Miriello, Black47, and Julia Nunes. He officially started his music journey with his debut Album ““From the Let Go”. It was a appreciated by his fans and critics. After a long gap his next release was a single in 2015 entitled “Down Here”.

And now his much anticipated album “Pratfalls and Curtain Calls” is finally released. Album consists of 10 tracks. Going through the album we couldn’t found a single flaw, everything is perfect from lyrics, vocals to the music. Although all the tracks are nice and worth listening but a couple of tracks attracted us even more.

The very first song of the album ‘Against My Will’ is the first one we would like to recommend. The song starts with a melodious and engaging tone. You will feel compelled to listen to the track. The singer ‘Bob’ has a dynamic and inspiring voice and it has a strong vocal projection. The second track on our list is ‘Missing You’. Yet another beautiful track with beautiful lyrics. The track is simply done and not overly complex. The chorus is impressive, the pitch range varies, making it rich and engaging. The song definitely is professional and creative.

Overall the album is a collection of nice tracks. We find it extremely good and the singer has talent and the music, lyrics and production everything has been done exceptionally well in all the track of the album. Overall its a fun listening to the music and I am sure you would put it to repeat mode. So what are you waiting for ?

You must check it out

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