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Konstantinos Dilzas (Petra & Efhi – # 56 at USA iTunes Latin Charts!!) has just signed with a new sub label of ZYX Records and is going to release some of his electronic – dance – dubstep tracks in English Versions!

The first single will be the song “Do you remember?” followed by

“There are those mornings…”,

“Normality – the killed MAROKI” and the

“MP3 player”.

All of those tracks were uploaded to youtube in Greek Versions some months ago (in fact the lyrics are poems by Konstantinos) and have a great success until now with thousands views.

Here is the Greek version of the first single “Do you remember?”.

The song is a very sad song about a boy who thought that he had found his other half in this life but the truth was so disappointed for him . He was rejected from “his other half” without any explanation… The song is based on a true story.

1fsdfsdfEnglish version will be released @ MAY 2016!

Stay tunned!


Official Label Channel:

Offficial Konstantinos Channel:

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